Thursday, July 26, 2018

Recent simple crafting

I do love making things, but life is too busy right now to do much of any crafting on a regular basis.  I have a number of UFOs to finish, and I want to try my hand at some cushion covers for the patio chairs.  Maybe next week ... possibly even Saturday.  We will see!

In the meantime, here are just a very few small projects I've completed lately:

Above, two more crocheted hot mats  -- from this pattern -- some have asked about it, so here's the link again -- Scalloped Potholder --in the Fruit Punch ombre.  I'm pretty much addicted to making these.  I love seeing how they turn out in the various colors of ombre and whatever accompanying colors I choose.

Then I completed a bit of sewing:

 The doll t-shirts were some I found at a bargain several years ago.  I used fabric to coordinate with them to make this simple reversible wrap skirt.  You can find the free and easy pattern here: You Can Make This.  I chose fabrics that would work with both the blue and red t-shirts and my granddaughter liked the outfits very much.

Later, when I had a few minutes, I made a second skirt -- again, planned to go with both t-shirts for maximum versatility.  I'm pleased with how they came out!

And finally, some embroidery:
 This is the same dish towel as at top.  I purchased the embroidery pattern from an Etsy shop called Lova Revolutionary.  The design is intended to be used in a hoop, but I thought it would look nice on a dish towel, so I used some dollar store dish towels from my stash.  The one I just completed has a red border, and the one  I finished last fall has a tan border.

The red one has been languishing around half finished, so I finished it up this summer.

Lastly, I've been making a few handmade mailing envelopes from old calendars.  These are to use in mailing certain sizes of vintage sewing patterns from my Etsy shop.
Still working on this project, but you can see a finished envelope above.  See the fold at the top?  That's the flap to fold down and seal.

There you have it, short and simple, but I am so pleased to have created a few projects lately!


  1. I love your sweet crafts. I never thought of Etsy for embroidery transfers. I just ordered a set of Pillowcases from Herrshners in their Christmas in July sale. They have a red truck with a Christmas tree in the back...plaid at the opening. I hope I can get them done before Christmas. I may ask my mother to do them for me. I have an old doll I want to make some clothes for...I need to look into that. I can always find something to do. I do not understand the people who say they are bored at home.:)

    1. Oh, Arlene, those pillowcases sound so nice! I haven't ordered from Herrschners in years ... had almost forgotten about them.

      Yes, I have seen some embroidery designs I really love on Etsy. The prices for digital downloads are very reasonable.

      Or you could check out the freebies at Bird Brain Designs. I have a couple of their designs downloaded -- a sea shell design and a blueberry one.

      I am so with you on not understanding people who say they are bored at home. I just don't get it ... like you, I can always find something to do!

  2. You have been busy and your projects are really nice! Those reversible skirts are precious! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!

  3. Who knew that a styrofoam cup could be so adorable! The doll outfits are very sweet. Little girls surely do love outfits for their loves. I know that I always did.

  4. I so admire those who are so gifted with their sewing and needlepoint skills, it has been quite awhile since I embarked on any sewing project, but always enjoy seeing what others do.

  5. You have been industrious. I love the little skirts.

  6. Clever idea Mrs Tea to use old calendar pages for envelopes.

  7. Looks really cute! I wish I was that good at needle work. :P


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