Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hodgepodge for July 18

The Wednesdays just keep on coming around, don't they? Yes, it's Wednesday again: time for the Hodgepodge with Joyce and friends at From This Side of the Pond

Why not join in this week? Just head on over, copy the questions, then paste and answer them on your own blog.  Go back over to Joyce's to link up, and you're done!   Here are this week's questions: 

1. I feel most energized when I _______________________.

Hmm... how to fill that in?  Probably when I return from a getaway of several days in which I had lots of recharging time.

2. Where were you ten years ago?

Between a rock and a hard place ... probably the hardest trial I have ever faced.  Although I didn't really want to, I looked back at my archives for July of that year to see how I was faring.  What I found was encouraging: I kept on crafting, I kept on planning menus; I blogged faithfully; and I shared many lessons and relevant quotes concerning what God was teaching me.  This post:A Thought on Trials sort of sums it up.

3. July 17th is World Emoji Day. Do you use emojis? Which one's your favorite? Your most used? 

 I mostly use them only for Instagram.  My favorites/most often used are smiley faces of one sort or another.  Sometimes I use flowers, foods, or hearts.
                                                            😀    😃    😉
4. What song would you put on a wedding DO NOT PLAY list?

There are probably a lot of songs I would put on that list.  We were at a wedding this past weekend and all of the reception music was lovely instrumentals.  That's more to my taste.

5. What deserves less of your attention? More of your attention?

This is going to take some thought.  I think that my Etsy shop and my blogs both need more of my attention right now.  People also need more of my attention, whether in person or in prayer.  My home needs much more of my attention.  I'm sure there are things that deserve less of my attention but I'm at a loss to think of one right now.  No doubt I will see the exact right answer to that on someone else's Hodgepodge!

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

We did have a lovely weekend!  It was filled with people and wonderful activities.  Friday night and Saturday morning we were in getaway mode, which is always nice.  Then we attended a beautiful, meaningful wedding where we reconnected with dear Christian friends from Nevada.  Late afternoon, we met up with fellow blogger Vee for a delicious supper out and even ice cream!  What a treat that was!

Sunday was a great day in church, a time of seeing answered prayer and some delightful visitors.  Sunday evening and afternoon we enjoyed a hike with friends and grandkids, then celebrated National Ice Cream day by going out for cones. 
We hiked to this spot, but it had much less water.  It's been dry here.
So ends another Hodgepodge ... Happy Wednesday, all!


  1. Hello Mrs T...
    How lovely to stop in for a visit with you...
    Ah, your weekend sounds like it was a very blessed one! I am glad you were able to enjoy a little getaway and that you could reconnect with dear friends - how special!
    Praise the Lord for this sweet blessing...
    The spot you hiked to looks beautiful - love the picture you took!
    Have a wonderful week further...blessings to you!

  2. We all need those getaways from the regular routine. I think they recharge us like nothing else. Blogging can make all look good, but all of us go through trials. I was just thinking the other day that are so many things we never share because they are far too personal and that it almost keeps you from blogging, but I think we have to keep going in spite of our trials. In many ways, that is how we walk through them.
    How fun to meet up with Vee. I have met two bloggers and enjoyed both of them so much.

  3. The bee balm is you know, mine is gone. 😉

    I love emojis. I could write using nothing but emojis and it would be more understandable than the words.

    That’s a beautiful destination for your Sunday hike. Perhaps there’s a little more water now that the rain has come.

    Have a happy and blessed week...

  4. My home needs attention today Mrs T. I have put off mopping and it can wait no more.:) When we go to Grimmwood, I always want to make sure that my hose is tidy when I leave.

  5. I see that you and Mr. T got to visit with Vee! What a delight!

    I don't say it enough -- your blogs are sooo cheery and uplifting, a real encouragement to me (and so many others, I am sure!).

  6. Isn't bee balm beautiful! I'm so glad you and Vee met and enjoyed your time together (I just came from her blog). I did go back and read your post from 10 years ago. Just this morning I was listening to an Orthodox priest talk about suffering. I'm seeing it more as something less to be avoided at all costs (as I used to think) and more as something God uses forthe good of the whole Church, like He does our prayers. Thank God for bringing you through that dark time. God bless you!

  7. Lovely photos and thumbs up to ice cream!!

  8. That happens to me so often...I rack my brain for an answer that should be so obvious...and then I find it in someone else's comment! How wonderful that you and Vee were able to meet!

  9. It's good to be able to go back and see our trials from down the road and see how we handled things, how the Lord was with us and working, how we've grown. I have my journals for that.

  10. Enjoyed this post so much, your photos are so lovely, I have tried to grow Bee Balm, with no success, I think it
    might be that our summers are so hot and humid.
    How nice you met Vee, she is a dear friend of mine here in bogland.
    I sometimes go back and read earlier posts, and am so thankful of the faithfulness of the Lord. Thank you for sharing.


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