Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday five

Friday has rolled around again, so it's time for a quick version of Friday five. (It's still Friday somewhere, right?)  Here goes:

1.  Ladies' retreat two Fridays ago at The Wilds of New England.  Meaningful sessions  on the topic of Craving Connection.

2.  Meeting the retreat speaker, Denise Cunningham, and enjoying breakfast with her sitting at our table.  I've been reading Denise's blog for years and had greatly looked forward to meeting her in person.  So thankful God worked that out!

3.  A short break from teaching Sunday School.  Just two weeks, but a refreshment.  Thanks to my friend Chris and missionary friend Bonnie for filling in for me.

4.  Breakfast out with both of my daughters.  A rare opportunity, and I'm so thankful.

5.  God's hand in providing for and working out the details of our vacation.  More information to follow!

So ends another Friday Five!


  1. I am sure you enjoyed the retreat!! Marvin and I are headed to Maine next fall and I am hoping we can manage to swing into New Hampshire and maybe we can finally meet Mrs T. I love meeting my long time blog friends in person.

    1. Oh, Arlene, that is something to look forward to and hopefully plan for! Let's try and make it happen if we can.

      Yes, the retreat was wonderful and I hope to write a post or maybe two about it soon.

  2. Times of refreshing are so needed whether short or extended as in the vacation you are now enjoying. (At least, I hope that you are still on vacation.)

    1. Yes, times of refreshing are definitely needed. We got back from our vacation early this morning (Oct. 3) so are still feeling a bit jet-lagged. We would have slept later (my hubby took today off from work also), but the local electric co-op is having tree work done on our road and so we were awakened by chain saws at 8 am or so. Hoping for naps this afternoon!

      We never come back from a vacation in NV rested or relaxed, but can say that we DO feel refreshed from the change of pace.


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