Friday, September 07, 2018

Friday five

From Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Giving this a try again ...

1.  So incredibly thankful for God's protection in a very scary near-collision on Labor Day.  We were merrily tootling down one of our state roadways when an old man pulled out in front of us.  My hubby had a split second to decide what to do and quickly swerved around the back of his car.  Another vehicle was behind the old gent and thankfully there was enough room to go in front of them.  Pretty sure they were as horrified as we were when he pulled out.  It seems as if he looked to his right but not to his left before pulling out.  Praise God for His angels round about us!

2.  A cookout followed by s'mores and then learning a new game with grands, on Labor Day evening.  Lots of fun!
Arielle with s'more
A fun game
 3.  A great time of fellowship with friends visiting from out of state.  We took them to our favorite local seafood place.  (Not the one pictured below.  That one's in Maine.)  I don't have a good photo of our local place.

4.  Finding time to write a blog post for the last Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I will miss it (as will many other bloggers) but I'm sure I will find plenty to write about going forward.  Finding time to write may be a different matter!
5.  Finding a home for a large amount of music CDs and cassettes.  My parents and sister had large collections of Christian music.  Through a missionary prayer letter, I learned that a Christian radio station in another country has a need for good music.  The missionary (who, with his family, had stayed in my parents' home years ago and knew them well) specifically mentioned CDs, but when I emailed to ask about cassettes he was happy to take those as well.  I packed up a huge box, sent it off media mail (they are in the US right now) and it's on its way.  How wonderful that this music is going to be heard by folks who will be encouraged and blessed by it.  And my parents would be so pleased that a personal friend of theirs could utilize these tapes and CDs.
And there is my Friday Five!  Thankful to the Lord for all of His blessings this week, but those are a few of the highlights.


  1. Thank God for Guardian Angels when we travel! S'mores with little ones... so fun! Nothing better than seafood! Yum! I am so sad to see the Hodgepodge go, but know Joyce feels relief. It is such a commitment. How nice to find a home for the music CDs & cassettes! Wishing you a good weekend!

  2. Praise God for His protection. Often we are unaware of that protection; I don’t know which way is best. That final story you told about the CDs and the cassettes blesses my heart. How wonderful that they will be used going forward.

  3. So thankful for your protection this week and what a blessing to share the music with a ministry that needs it.

  4. Thank goodness for angels indeed. Glad y'all were ok. I love that you were able to pass along the music. That always feels great to be able to do something useful with stuff. The grands are adorable especially the picture of Areille with her s'more.

  5. Sooo thankful for the Lord's mercies in that traffic near-miss!

  6. Time spent with the grands make for precious memories. How wonderful that you were able to give the CDs and cassettes to a worthy cause. You were certainly blessed that you missed the accident waiting to happen. Ps. 91:11~ He will give His angels charge over us!!


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