Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday five ~ August 30

Some weeks Friday seems to roll around very quickly.  This week it seems to have taken a bit longer.  I am looking forward to the weekend!  No concrete plans as yet, other than having a friend over for supper tonight; we aren't even sure yet if my hubby will have Monday off.  But weekends are always a nice respite!

Without further ado, here's my Friday five:

1.  A nice change in the weather made it cool enough to bake cookies last Friday.  I had bought some of these baking chips on clearance at Walmart.

Have you seen them?  Here's the description:
I was quite surprised that they contained no artificial flavors.  All I tasted was salted caramel, but still I assumed artificial flavors were used.  Guess I didn't read the bag too thoroughly!

I used the cookie recipe on the back of the bag.  Here's the link:  Sea Salt Caramel Chip Cookies.  I made them quite a bit smaller than specified and I formed them into balls rather than dropping them.  l also used the Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour.
After so much hot, humid weather where one couldn't even think of turning on the oven, it was nice to be able to bake.

2.  A great time with friends on Saturday as we were invited to a get-together to see their family members visiting from out of state.  This is what we like to do ourselves when our faraway family is able to visit -- we try and host a get-together where they can see a lot of family and friends at one time.  I took along this  S’mores Pizza, plus a tortellini salad.

As mentioned in a previous post, it took less than 3 minutes for this dessert to disappear!

3.  A beautiful afternoon on Sunday for a hike to a peaceful lake.  Sometimes one just needs to be near water.  That's how it was for us and we tried to store it up for the week to come.  Something about that sailboat just speaks peace to my heart. 

4.  Seeing God answer prayer for wisdom this week.  When I'm outside my comfort zone, I might tend to ask someone who is comfortable in a specific area for advice.  This time my hubby was working on a job site where he had no cell service.  I briefly thought of consulting someone else, but the Lord impressed upon me that He is wisdom and that He promises to give wisdom when we ask.  There was no need to rely upon anyone but Him.  What a blessing to see how He answered my prayers!

Delightful graphic from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
5.  Nicer weather this week made it possible for me to work on some of my projects outdoors at the patio table on the back deck.  (We bought this table toward the end of last summer and I hadn't really thought of it as more than a place to eat.  But it's a nice large rectangular table, perfect for working on many different kinds of projects.)  Here's some of what I did:

* Planned menus and made my grocery list

* Worked on my Sunday School lesson

* Made some mailing envelopes to package orders from my Etsy shop, using repurposed calendar pages.  I made 5 larger envelopes and 1 of the smaller ones.  This is a project I plan to take up north when we go at the end of September.  If we get some rainy days (and it would be truly surprising if we didn't), I will work on a bit of envelope making.  They are easy once I get started.
Back of a larger envelope
Front of the same envelope
Back of smaller envelope
Front of smaller envelope
* Did some work in my scrapbook journal.
I'm currently using this as a place to journal my study of this book: Make Room for What You Love.  Inching my way through this book one question at a time has enabled me to work in my scrapbook journal much more regularly.

Oh, what an encouragement this book has been to me!  I've been so blessed by this thought:

And I really find myself thinking about it when I am about to set something down in a place where it doesn't really belong.  Try this for yourself and see if it doesn't help!

Yes, it truly has been a blessed week!  What are some blessings you've seen in your own life this week?


  1. I bought some of those sea salt caramel chips as well. They must not have done well in the stores as they were clearance here as well I used them in some oatmeal cookies and they were ok. I won't be purchasing them again. I am going to look up the book you recommended about organizing. I am really trying to get rid of a lot of things I just do not need. I am not doing a lot of fall decorating this year. Keeping things simple. I am not a minialmist in holiday decor so this will be hard for me.:)

    1. That's my thought on those chips too ... just okay. But my hubby thinks any cookies are great, so ... I did buy 2 packages at the time, so I will be using the second package at some point.

      I am finding this book very practical and helpful. A lot to digest; that is why I'm going through it so slowly.

      Last year I simplified my fall decor also as I did it before we left for Nevada. This year I'll probably also keep it simple, but still pretty. We have friends in a lot (young couple we're discipling) and I like to have things special for them.

  2. I did really like the book Make Room for What You Love. It was my favorite of her books. The others seem to be just a repeat but that one spoke to me as well. I love reusing the old calendars. I have used some to decorate notebooks as well. They have the best pictures. I am looking forward to being outside this weekend. Hopefully, we can get out and hike some in the early mornings when it is still bearable.

    1. I also liked Love the Home You Have. With both that book and this one, I have done no more than browse through them. This time I am trying to actually study and apply what I'm learning. I am not naturally orderly like you, so it's a learning curve for me.

      Yes, old calendars ... Love repurposing them!

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We will celebrate our 45th the end of the month with a trip up north. Looking forward to it so much!

  3. I am glad it's baking season too—but what I love to make is soups. It's not quite cool enough here yet but I hope it will be soon.

    1. We love soups also, Dianna, and if you are interested in any of my soup recipes you can just click on "soups" in the label cloud at right.

      In fall and winter we could eat soup every day and be perfectly happy!

  4. If I followed Melissa’s advice, I probably would become a minimalist. 😉 I tend to ask the question: will it add to the beauty of this space?

    Baking day...I have not yet felt one coming on... You did very well. I have not seen those kind of chips or I might be highly tempted.

    An outside table sounds lovely, once the mosquitoes are gone,

    Have a blessed weekend...

    1. I think that your question is a good one also. I apply Melissa's question more to things that really don't belong in a space -- mail thrown on a table, laundry tossed on a bed, a jacket on the back of a chair -- that sort of thing.

      I'm sure you are using your energy for much more than baking these days, but with cooler, drier air coming, who knows? It should be energizing me more than it is.

      We have a bit of trouble with mosquitoes when we eat supper on the deck, but I haven't had a problem with them during the day. They should be leaving soon anyway, seems to me.

      You have a blessed weekend as well, Vee. Praying for you!

  5. What a busy week you had, Mrs T! I love stopping by to see what you have been up to.
    So glad you were able to go on a hike - it is always a delight being in nature!
    Hope your September is off to a fabulous start!
    With love!

    1. Hello, Kelly-Anne! Always so lovely to see you here.

      Yes, being in nature always helps me get life into a better perspective. Points me to God and His power.

      So far, so good with September!

  6. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Been wanting to buy those chocolate chips - sure must have been yummy.
    I love the enveloppes you make and your art journal.
    I will add that book to my reading list.
    Lucie from

    1. The chocolate chips were quite good, Lucie. I'm not sure I would pay any extra for them. I don't know the regular price; these were $1.50 on clearance.

      Those envelopes are fun to make and the scrapbook journal very therapeutic to work in. Cutting and pasting paper is a great stress reliever for me.

      Hope you enjoy the book. I'm still working through it (a long way to go!) but it's been very helpful already.


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