Monday, August 26, 2019

Out and about on a Sunday afternoon

I've got a few outdoor photos to show you today -- sort of unrelated other than that they were all taken yesterday, a gorgeous day in these parts.  Saturday was very nice too.  Low humidity, sunshine, and temps in the 70s.  The forecast for most of this week is similar, and I do hope it holds true.

We'll start off with a few scary ones from our woods:
 Can you see what's hiding behind those large leaves of a striped maple?
 Yes, it's a very large bees' nest.  This nest was apparently built around a very slender branch of a striped maple tree.  The weight of the nest forced the branch to bend downward.

Below you get a much clearer view of the nest.  That hole down near the bottom of the nest is opening by which the bees go in and out.

Mr. T got stung by a bee on Saturday while stacking wood, but didn't think much of it.  Now he knows from whence it came, and he will be adjusting the placement of his woodpile accordingly.

On a happier and prettier note, here is a lovely coleus in the "Inferno" variety.

It was a Mother's Day gift from our friends Sam and Jennifer.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It has tripled or quadrupled in size since we planted it.  It's a gorgeous red color, and the leaves have a chartreuse edging.  It almost looks like rickrack!

Then yesterday afternoon, Mr. T suggested a hike.   We hadn't been to this place in years, but it was just as we remembered.
An unusual stump along the trail
A quiet, peaceful walk through the woods -- there were rocks, roots and a few boardwalks which might earn it the designation of a hike -- led us to the shore of a tranquil lake.  A few boats and hikers came and went, but we definitely found the peace and beauty we were hoping to soak up here.

 Being out in God's beautiful Creation just does our souls so much good!
 See the sailboat in the distance?  So tranquil.

Hope these lovely lake photos have been a treat for you today as the lake was for us on Sunday afternoon!


  1. Those are lovely photos! How nice to have a bees' nest—rather inconvenient, I suppose, but they are very useful creatures. Out neighbors lost a hive last year and we have noticed a big difference all over the neighborhood this summer.

    1. Yes, bees are useful for sure. The nest is huge! My hubby hopes to save it to display (once it's safe!).

  2. What beauty! I love the photo of Mr. and Mrs. T quietly enjoying the serenity of such a place. Oh, the hive is still active...guess it will get a good leaving alone. The coleus is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Vee! He wanted to get a pic of us together ("for the grandchildren") so we tried several with the self timer. We have a little tripod but failed to bring it with us -- never thought of it, actually. This is the only one that came out well.

      Yes, that coleus! I had never seen one that color. This summer in our travels around the state, I noticed a yard with several of them, planted together with bright chartreuse ones. Glorious!

      And this may be the first Mother's Day plant that ever survived this long and has actually thrived!

  3. There is something about water that is just so calming. I love the photo of the lake and the mountains in the distance. It reminds me of North Georgia. So glad you took the time to enjoy the beauty around you. How often I am guilty of NOT SEEING some of the best gifts God has cerated for me.

    1. Isn’t it so calming to sit by water? It has ministered to me and quieted my spirit so many times. Yes, that photo of the lake with the mountains in the distance is one of my favorites of the ones that we took. So many shades of blue!

      I know just what you mean about not seeing some of God’s best gifts. My hubby and I really try not to miss them and take the time to get out into Creation whenever we can.

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Beautiful pictures! A bee's nest is beautiful but I Don't want to be near one. The coléus is really nice.
    Lucie from


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