Friday, January 03, 2020

Friday five for January 3

Wow --  the first Friday five of a new month, a new year, and a new decade!  It's good to start all of those off with praise to the Lord for some of His blessings.

Don't you love the scene above?  It's a scan of a Christmas card front.  The winter scene is by an artist named James Cox, just to give credit where credit is due.  I think it's absolutely gorgeous and it reminds me of scenes we often see on our walks during the winter.  Brooks not frozen over yet and still rushing along through the landscape, pretty birch trees and evergreens amid a snow-covered landscape, and the brilliance of winterberries adding a welcome touch of scarlet color to the scene.  I so wish that I could paint!

But on to the Friday five ...

1.  A brief but lovely chat with our Nevada daughter on her birthday, the 27th.  Her youngest daughter's birthday party had been put off from the 12th due to illness, so they were celebrating together on Friday.  Joanna was decorating the cake when we called to sing our birthday wishes to her.  Below is a photo she sent us from their Christmas tree-cutting this year.  Note all of the yarny Viking details.  You may want to double click on this one!

2.  A simple coffee date on Saturday afternoon, followed by a little after-Christmas shopping at Marshalls.    Below you see a few of the deals we found -- a gorgeous red cookie sheet ($5!), two pretty mugs that will make perfect gifts, and a roll of striped wrapping paper.

3.  A good visit with our friend Terry on Sunday.  Although she is not in good health at all, God gave her the strength to prepare a lovely Christmas dinner for her kids and grandson.   What a blessing, and what great memories they will all have!

4. A few low-key days with time to do some blogging, catch up on a few simple tasks, and do lots of laundry.  Once my almost-retired hubby finally stops working (in another week), we are going to dive into house-emptying at my childhood home with a vengeance.  So I'm thankful for some quiet days to catch my breath.
5.  Time for a nice long walk yesterday.  Although it was cloudy, some sun peeked through,  the temps were mild (in the 30s) and there was no wind to speak of.  It was very pleasant for walking.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. That’s just it! I am keeping the winterberries for winter display. We need a splash of red in dreary months.

    I did take a closer look at the Christmas tree photo...sweet tree. That facial “hair” was quite something. Bet he was warm. I tried to make your son-in-law be your daughter for a short while before learning the error of my ways.

    Looks as if you have found some nice treasures for Christmas 2020. Maybe you won’t wish to gift those sweet mugs.

    January sounds like a busy month. How good it will be to have help!

    1. You are so right about needing a splash of red in dreary months. Glad you are keeping the winterberries for just that purpose. Did you get them in your usual secret spot?

      Yes, that beard was quite something. Some years he has worn an orange one. I first looked at the photos on my tablet and couldn't quite make the person on the left look like my daughter. When I saw them on the desktop, I saw that it was definitely her but that it was no wonder I hadn't recognized her on the small screen, with her yellow braids! They don't take their kids on the tree-cutting expedition until they have turned 6. She has a four-year-old so hasn't gone in awhile, but this year her sister in law offered to keep her so Joanna could go.

      Yes, it will be so great to have help with all of the busyness of life. This Friday is his last day. The replacement is on the scene today!

  2. Love the vintage Christmas cards. And yes, those viking yarn things are very interesting indeed! Love the red cookie sheet, and the mugs...esp. the one that says "JOY", since JOYFUL is my word for 2020. Happy that your hubby is retiring. Praying you can get the jobs done that you need to do, but take it easy and don't overdo! Enjoy wintertime too!! Love the red berries at the end...are those "winterberries"? They sure are bright and cheery in the midst of white winter!! Happy New Year!

  3. Oh how I love the winterberries... we don't have them here, that I know of. So nice to see in pictures/postcards though! Glad you are enjoying the quiet season for now, and pray that you don't overdo things next week, sounds like quite a chore! I know you will be glad to have your husband with you as he retires! Blessings to you :)

  4. Hope your daughter had an enjoyable birthday. Love the look of winterberries. I never resist an invite to shop at Marshall's. Have a truly blessed 2020.

  5. Some red throughout the winter months does cheer things up! Happy 2020!

  6. You have some lovely places to walk, Mrs. T. The winterberries are delightful. And the Viking yarny makes are terrific! What fun. :)


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