Thursday, March 19, 2020

More encouragement for your day and these times

Delightful, ever so meaningful graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Continuing to need encouragement myself, I felt led to sidle up to my kitchen table this morning and share a few more thoughts and links with you all.

As I browsed my archives and links I have shared in the past, I found so much encouragement and spiritual sustenance.  I'll start with a quote:

"What should we be doing in the meantime?  We get our act together.  We live every day (as if it's our last) for His glory.  We work diligently on our jobs and in our homes for His name's sake.  We shake out salt every chance we get ... and shine the light ... and remain balanced, cheerful, winsome, and stable, anticipating His return day by day." -- Charles Swindoll, Come Before Winter

Swindoll was speaking of what we should be doing as we anticipate Christ's return, but I believe we can absolutely apply this advice to the waiting situation that we currently find ourselves in.  For some, our jobs may look a little (or a lot!) different at the moment, but we can be diligent at whatever God has given us to do.  Since "diligence" is my word for the year, this advice jumped out at me.  I hope other believers will take it to heart as well!

Here's a link to the post I wrote where this quote can be found.  I think you might enjoy reading the entire post:  Steadfast, Unmovable, Always Abounding.

A few verses from Psalm 37 is a short post of mine from 2017.  Oh, do read this one!  I found it to be just what I need today as I wrestle with all of the emotions concerning real life right now.

When You are Overwhelmed was written during a particularly difficult time in my life (more difficult than this one, in many ways) and may help to give you some perspective.  You might also like:
Thoughts from reading Jonah
Lessons from Joshua 1:9
An encouraging thought for today

I could go on and on, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone.  You will find more by clicking "devotional thoughts" in the label cloud at right.

Then there is this one: Under His Wings,  from Abby at  Little Birdie Blessings.

Wait on the Lord  is another encouraging post from Abby. 

When the Storm Clouds Roll In, by Mrs. Smith at Sweet Tea and Simplicity, will be a blessing to you also.

God Will Take Care of You, by Diana at WriteForward, is a short post that will bless your heart and put a song in it to carry along with you.

I hope that these links and thoughts are a blessing to all of my blog friends today.  Remember, "David encouraged himself in the LORD his God" (1 Samuel 30:6).  Let us do the same!


  1. Thank you for these links, I will look at some of them. I see Psalm 46, our minister preached on that last Sunday. It was our first ever no physical church, and was live streamed. Due to family emergency he led us while he was in a different state. That is true diligence and a blessing to us.

  2. You are welcome, Terra. I hope that these are a blessing and encouragement to you. Psalm 46 was a perfect psalm for your pastor to preach in these times. How wonderful that he led you in worship even while in a different state. True diligence, as you said.

    We had church last week, but will not be having services for the next 2 weeks. We don't currently have a regular pastor, just pulpit supplies, but we will no doubt be watching a live stream from another church. We will be having prayer meeting here in our home on Wednesday evenings as well.

  3. Very encouraging post !!

  4. Thank you, Mary! I'm glad you found it encouraging!


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