Sunday, March 22, 2020

Some books that might be of special benefit and blessing right now

It's Sunday, and looking like a very different Sunday for many of us.  Hopefully most will have Bible messages available to watch via live stream or some other marvel of the internet.  I'm very thankful for this means that can help us stay in God's Word at a time when we need it so desperately.  Thankful too for the pastors who are taking the time to live stream their messages for us.  I've been praying for wisdom that they will know just what to share.

I've also been thinking that it might be nice to share some of the books and studies that have encouraged me through hard times in the past.

The book at top, What Do I Know About My God? would be one of my best recommendations for a study that will help you through any crisis that you face.  All you need for this one is Mardi's book, and a notebook of some sort.  The book is a great and encouraging read in itself, but if you take your Bible in hand and work at copying out the verses in the various categories, you will end up with an entire notebook of truth about our God.  This will become a resource that you will turn to again and again in times of need.  I've linked to the book in the Wilds bookstore, but you can also find it on Amazon or even Thriftbooks,if you don't mind a used copy.  I've bought many of these on Thriftbooks to share with others.

Now, I have a bunch of studies by Elizabeth George that have helped me tremendously.   (For any of these, I strongly encourage you to also get the growth and study guide if it is not included in the book.  You have more time than you did, so why not use it to get into a Bible study of eternal value?)  The first one is below.  I've been through this study at least twice and read the book more often than that.  I can't recommend this one highly enough.  If you are going through a trial, you need this study.

Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials

 Loving God with All Your Mind is the very first Elizabeth George book I read.  It changed my life, and it can absolutely change yours as well.  I've lost track of how many friends I've shared this with but several of them have told me it transformed their lives.  I've worked through the study twice on my own and once with my Sunday School class.

Following God with All Your Heart is a great study that begins with wonderful lessons from the life of Joshua.

If you find yourself worrying about our present situation, or if you are just a worrier in general, you will want to do the study Breaking the Worry Habit Forever.    I found this one very practical and helpful.

And then lastly there is this Bible study on Philippians -- Experiencing God’s Peace.  I believe this is billed as a 15-minute a day Bible study, but it can't really be done quite that quickly, in my experience.  This is a wonderful Bible study and very encouraging!

I have linked to these books on Elizabeth George's site -- and if you go there, you might well find other books to encourage you or even your husband and kids.  Many of these books can be found on Amazon or Thriftbooks as well.

Also -- and I mention this only if anyone might be interested -- I have taught all of these last five studies in my ladies' Sunday School class and I think I could supply my teaching notes for most of them if wanted.  Just let me know your email in a comment if you are interested in my notes, and I will see what I can do to help.

Have a blessed Sunday, all!  Remember that God is in control and working all things after the counsel of His own will.  He is also the God of all comfort, so don't hesitate to take your worries and fears to Him!


  1. Such wonderful Bible study books. Thank you for sharing these with us. I will check these out, as I am thinking about doing some kind of women's Bible study perhaps in the fall, and these look like a great series to work through. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us today. We will be missing our church services and don't have "live streaming", but home worship is not new to us and we will be fine...just missing the fellowship of our dear friends in Christ. Praying it won't be long until we are all back together again, safe and healthy. God bless you all, and stay healthy!

  2. By the time this day has ended, I will have listened to four sermons. What a wealth of available resources. I have not read any of these books, but any time a book is described as “life changing,” it is high praise. Could you answer the question how so?


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