Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge for May 6

Yes, it's Wednesday again, and Joyce, at  From This Side of the Pond,  is again hosting the Hodgepodge for our blogging and reading pleasure.  Want to join in?  Just head on over to  From This Side of the Pond and get the questions, then answer them on your own blog.  You'll find it a wonderful diversion in these crazy times we are all living in.  Here are Joyce's questions for this week:

1.  Question day this week lands on Cinco de Mayo. Are/were tacos on your Tuesday night menu? Hard shell, soft shell or just gimme all the tacos? Are you even a fan of Mexican food? Do you like your salsa mild, spicy, or somewhere in between? Margaritas-Frozen, on the rocks, or no thank you? Have you ever been to Mexico?

Photo of Interactive Taco Dinner from Skip to My Lou.  A fun idea!
Lots of questions in this one.  I'll take them one at a time.  Tacos were not on our Tuesday night menu.  We don't tend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and I seldom think about Taco Tuesday.  (Though it might simplify weekly meal planning if I did!)  We like both hard and soft shell tacos, and yes, we're definitely fans of Mexican food.  We like our salsa mild, or medium at the most.  No thank you to margaritas.  And we've never been to Mexico.

2. What's something you may do this month?

I may get around to setting goals for the month.  Maybe.

3. Tell us what's happening in your state or town as far as restaurants/salons/parks/beaches/businesses opening up. How do you feel about it? Are you out and about or hunkered down? Do you wear a mask?

Again, lots of questions.  And I have lots of questions about it all.  As far as what's happening with the places Joyce mentioned, the restaurants, salons, and nonessential businesses will be slowly opening up this month, with lots of restrictions.  Ocean beaches remain closed but inland beaches at state parks will open -- again, with restrictions; though the restrictions are not as onerous as it first appeared they might be.  Most state parks are technically open in that one can go in and walk or hike, but they wouldn't open for the season until the end of May anyhow.  Some of the busier hiking trails are closed.  As to how I feel about it -- well, I know a lot of people don't agree with me, but I do feel it's time to begin opening things up again.   People are being seriously affected by this shutdown and yes, some are dying because of it, along with those actually dying of the virus.  Drug overdoses, child abuse, suicide, domestic violence, alcoholism -- not to mention those elderly folks dying of heartache or simply giving up because no one can visit.  We need to pay attention to the bigger picture.  Reopening is happening in a very slow, measured way here, easing into it, and I think that's as it should be.   I pray daily for God to give our leaders wisdom, and am thankful for our governor's approach.  I'm out walking every day, but I haven't been to the grocery store in 6 weeks or more.  For myself, I think it's important to be out in the fresh air daily if possible, without a mask.  We live in the country and our walks are on rural roads.  We do occasionally see other walkers, runners, or bike riders but none of them are masked either.

4. Mother nature, everybody and their mother, mom jeans, like mother like daughter, soccer mom, mother hen, mother lode, necessity is the mother of invention, stay-at-home mom...pick one and tell us how it applies to your life right now.

Pick one, eh?  It's a tough choice, as several of those could apply to me.  I'll pick "mother lode" because I recently found another stash of 1940s Christmas cards and 1930s Valentines.  Now if I could only find time to list them in my Etsy shop.
Many of the Christmas cards are designs by the highly collectible artist Marjorie Cooper!
Isn't this the cutest?  That's a real piece of cloth she is holding.
5. April showers bring May flowers...what's blooming in your yard or garden today?

A few mini daffodils, a small forsythia bush, a couple of stunted-looking primroses (one purple and one yellow), and some bloodroot in the wildflower garden.

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Let's see.  Most of my thoughts fall in the "random" category these days.  How about this other recent find from the old homestead?  Anyone ever seen a Popsicle Space Card before?  I found three of these, all different, just tucked into books here and there.  I wonder if my friend Sandy in Florida  remembers these.  I surely didn't.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. totally agree about opening back up. We cannot build our resistant to bugs by staying in the house. We cannot do this every time something new comes along.

    1. You are so right, Arlene. So right. And we all know that something new *will* come along, because it always does.

  2. Pretty flowers. It's always a treat to see vintage cards of all varieties! Happy May to you!

    1. Aren't vintage cards so much fun? Happy May to you also!

  3. No surprise that I am in absolute agreement with you. Goodness, ocean water is so beneficial...must be the social distancing that the powers that be are fretting over. Yay for blooming flowers. I, too, have some forsythia blooming. Are you also under a winter storm warning? In May?! Everything is so scrambled these days.

    1. Yes, it is the crowded beaches that are the issue. You know that NH's coastline is very small, and people from our neighboring state to the south can't seem to stay away. Just read a newspaper article yesterday that reported droves of people at Hampton Beach last weekend. They said it was as bad as July 4th weekend traffic. That's not a place we ever go anyway, but you see the concerns.

      Yes indeed, yay for blooming flowers. We don't seem to be under a winter storm warning yet, but there is snow predicted for Saturday. Everything is indeed so scrambled. Upside down and backward. So thankful that the Lord keeps me on an even keel!

  4. Replies
    1. Aren't they? I love vintage cards of all kinds.

      And you're right, of course, about New York. Much harder hit than most other areas of the US.

  5. I love the vintage cards, but have never heard of the popsicle space card. Was that a Florida only thing? I'm thankful to live beside a lake, which makes staying home a little easier. Stay well!

    1. No, I think the Popsicle Space Cards were nation-wide. (We are in NH.) Apparently they were made by Topps, like baseball cards. I found that out by doing an online search. I thought Sandy (Home Ec Major) in Florida might be familiar with them, since she is a self-described space geek.

      Oh yes, living beside a lake would make staying home a good bit easier. You stay well also, and thanks again for hosting!

  6. I agree about things needing to open up. We're in Stage One (of 3 or 4 stages). On the other hand, we're still imposing physical distancing on ourselves for a little longer as DH is waiting for knee surgery to be scheduled. Neither of us wants to come down with anything that could cause that plan to be waylaid. Being a homebody, this stay home business has not really been hard, and except for it being imposed on us, life hasn't been drastically different for us. And DH's bum knee would have kept him home more anyway - even if we could have gone out and done anything we wanted.

  7. Yes, we are at Stage One also. There isn't much that we would have been doing that we've been hindered in, except for getting rid of household items/furniture from the homestead. We can't take them to the transfer station at this point, and the better things can't even go to Restore as it is not open. Both of hubby's retirement jobs are considered essential, so he's been working most of the time.

    I agree completely, you would not want to do anything that could waylay the planned knee surgery. I hope it goes well and he feels more mobile very soon!

  8. Ok... I will tell you I am so sorry for not already dropping by and missing out on this post. I have been pooped!!!
    I have not seen those cards. I am intrigued. I will have to research them. I have so many little odds and ends space related in probably every room. I don't remember ever seeing those.
    I have to say Jeff and I had preQ become Friday night Mexican fans. IT was quick and easy and we rotated the many Mexican restaurants around town. However, one Friday night he made some Mexican shrimp nachos that was WAY better than any we had eaten out, so I told him that is his new Friday night job. He also makes a non alcoholic version of a Margherita for us. I guess you would probably call it a lemon line slush. Pretty good.
    I think the first weekend the beach was way too crowded, but it seems to have calmed down. I think everyone was just stir crazy and needed to get out. Hopefully, we can get things opened back up, because there are going to be so MANY problems with people not earning a paycheck.

    1. Friday night Mexican sounds great no matter who is cooking. Could you share Jeff's recipe for the Mexican shrimp nachos? We don't have any good Mexican restaurants nearby. We need to be sure and get to some while we're in Nevada (Lord willing) this summer.
      I guess that those space cards came with popsicles. Not sure if they came in boxes of popsicles or somehow attached to the individual ones we used to buy at the corner store.

      Glad things have calmed down at the beach. The problem with our ocean beaches as I mentioned to Vee above is that there aren't many of them, and they are easily overwhelmed by out of state visitors.

      You're so right about the problems with people being out of work. Things are going to open up slowly here. Three-quarters of the deaths in our state have been in nursing homes, and nearly all of the deaths so far were in people with underlying health conditions. Praying for wisdom for our leaders for sure!


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