Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A little book talk

For 2020, I had a goal to read and study at least 6 books.

That would be beyond what I read for pleasure -- which is usually done only on vacation or just before bed.  For that type of read, I had an informal goal of just keeping track of what I read and reading quite a few different kinds of books this year.  Each month I thought I would at least take note here on the blog of what I've read, and hopefully share a few of my thoughts about the books I finish. At least, that's what I thought when I started this post quite some time ago.

I have been keeping track of books I finish, at least.  I had the idea of jotting down completed reads on the back of my Best of My Days calendar cards.

That has worked out well and I have actually followed through with doing so.   So far, I have completed eight books in the "pleasure reading" category.

In January, I finished reading five books.  Most were short, and some had been started in December: Shepherds Abiding (which I read every December) and Esther's Gift, both by Jan Karon; The Quiet Little Woman, by Louisa May Alcott; A Fine Romance, by Susan Branch; and Homemade Hospitality, by Barbara Sims.

I had only dipped into A Fine Romance before,  but thoroughly enjoyed it.  It will make a fine resource if we ever take a dream trip to England.

In February I read Mama's Homemade Love, by Barbara Sims and My Neck of the Woods, by Louise Dickinson Rich.

 Homemade Hospitality and Mama's Homemade Love were both interesting, short reads -- bargain books I've had for some time -- but they went to the thrift store to hopefully bless someone else.

My Neck of the Woods is definitely a keeper, a riveting first-person true account of life (and especially people) in the Maine wilderness in the 1940s and early 1950s.  Louise Dickinson Rich is a wonderful writer.  My hubby read this after I did, then I passed it on to my walking partner.  I'm keeping it because we really liked it, and someday would like to try and visit the area where the story took place.

I didn't complete any books in March, but in April I got through Morning Was Starlight: My Maine Boyhood, by Ernest Dodge.

This was also a good read, but nowhere near as fascinating as My Neck of the Woods.  It was interesting reading and in places quite humorous, but the print was smaller than I like and I'm unlikely to read it again.  Passed it on to a family member.

As far as reading and studying 6 books goes, I have started just one.  The prevailing unrest of the pandemic, plus the fact that my hubby is now working again more days than not, has kept me in what often feels like survival mode.  Even though many things have been closed due to the virus, I've still been working at my appointed task of cleaning out the old homestead, and mostly doing it solo at that.  I've still been walking pretty much every day, as well.  Being out of the house for several hours each day means that keeping up with Bible reading and studies, a meaningful prayer life, laundry, meals, and some daily housework is just about all I can do.  Hopefully that will change and I will actually be able to read and study some books.  I'd thought that setting a goal of six would work well, allowing me to take two months to finish a book.  But here we are in May and I haven't even completed one, so ... we will see where that goes.


  1. I love to read, but as I get older I find it harder to get things read also. Keeping the house, taking care of Mom and the grandson, helping out the kids, church, it all adds up doesn't it?! I read a lot of nonfiction because I like to learn, but I did a highly unusual for me. I downloaded a book from Amazon on my kindle app. It is a fiction book but lots of information about south Florida in the early 1900s. I am enjoying it. Our public library has downloads but you have to read it in 2 weeks. I find that a little harder as I said. I really think there are just so many distractions too. I think the Big C has taught me that and I am out to make life a little simpler if that is possible.

  2. Mr. T is working again? I hope that it is something he enjoys. I am sorry that you've lost (temporarily) your help for cleaning out the homestead.

    I read so little these days saving my eyes and time for bloggers whom I find far more interesting. ☺️

    In this odd time we find ourselves, I have been learning what is most important. I should write about that one day.

    This wind is terrible...don't walk in the forest!

    1. Yes, he has spent a lot of time helping our son-in-law (a builder) with a big work project -- a complete bathroom remodel that included lots of demolition, moving all of the bathroom fixtures around and tiling everything.

      Yes, do write about what is most important. Please. We all need to hear what you have learned through this time.

  3. I have had a hard time reading of late. I blame it on the state of the world. Usually reading is an escape for me but I cannot seem to enjoy any book I pick up. Like you, I have re read one or two favorites. Right now I am reading An Episode of Sparrows by Rumer Godden, one of my favorite authors and Jane Austen at Home by Lucy Worsley. I purchased the Jane Austen book as I had long wanted to read it and could not find it at the library. Plus the library is closed so I went to Amazon. I love opening a brand new book. Just the feel and the smell always make me happy. I am attempting to read through the Bible this year. I am in Judges. I will admit I love the books of the Bible with stories of real people who were not perfect.:)

  4. You are choosing some interesting books to read! I haven't read that particular book by Louise D. Rich, but I did read another of hers, "We Took To the Woods". I thought it was pretty interesting. I've read both by Jan Karon, along with everything else she has written. Love her books. Someone just gave me a book to read, "A Land Remembered" about Florida in the olden days. It is a historical fiction book, and I am just getting started on it. From March-April I read pretty much the whole series of the Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries, (Guideposts series), 27 books! There are a few more newer ones, but I will have to wait to see if our library gets them. They were quick reads, but I enjoyed them while convalescing and isolating. I prefer books with a Christian theme in them, which these have. I do need to add some non-fiction books to my list this year (besides the Bible, of course) Thank you for being an inspiration to us! I enjoy hearing about what you are reading and/or doing! Have a blessed week.

  5. I love finding and reading old gems. It sounds like you've got a few there. I've been so distracted this year I've not read much beyond a few cozy mysteries. Normally, I read all sort of genres, but since March I've only read 4 books (I think), and all from the same author...


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