Friday, May 22, 2020

This week's Friday five

Time for another Friday five!  Here are five blessings from my week:

1.  The fun of making some free Scripture graphics using Canva (see graphic at top for one example).  I find this helps me fix the verses in my mind even better as I work at memorizing them.

2.  A glorious sunrise one morning this week.  We don't often get sunrises this nice here.

3.  A drive around the big lake for an errand on Saturday.  We got ice cream too!

Same lake on a summer day some years ago.
4.  The many wonderful Bible studies and devotionals that people like Rand Hummel and Reba Bowman are making available online, and the wonderful podcasts out there too.  Even if we can't get to church, there is no excuse for becoming spiritually stagnant during this time.

5.  The amazing weather we've been having lately.  Flowers, bushes and trees are beginning to bloom.  It's been warm and beautifully sunny with such gorgeous blue skies and sweet fresh breezes blowing.    It strikes me that God is exceptionally good to allow us this beauty to enjoy during a time that could be quite discouraging.  Below are just a few flower photos from around our yard.

Painted trillium
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. That's a lovely graphic. All your pictures are beautiful and, yes, haven't we enjoyed some terrific weather this week?! No one can complain. Yes, we can still praise and worship and learn and listen to online messages, but it is not one bit pleasant to be shut up in my home all.the.time. I am resenting it more and more with each passing day. I've either got to "tie a knot and hang on" or "let go and let God."

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Love the scripture graphics. Very lovely. I also love seeing the flowers around your yard. I never knew what a Trillium looked like. Very nice. And love the that Lake Winnipesaukee? We used to love driving down around that area. So beautiful. I had some ice cream tonight , but I didn't get to drive around a big lake. Just enjoyed some rain on our pond, which was much needed!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  3. I enjoyed your Friday Five Mrs T. I LOVE that lake scene. And those pretty flowers. A few things are still blooming here but the spring flowers are on their way out and summer flowers are coming. My favorites are hydrangeas. Hope you and Mr T have a good Memorial Day.


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