Monday, January 04, 2021

Making space -- week 7

 Okay, I'll confess -- I really have no idea what week we are on.  Life has been crazy.  But this is week 7 for me, I guess, so here's some of what I've been decluttering lately:

December 16 — to the thrift store:  another Christmas CD, a box of vintage glass Christmas balls in gold color (hopefully it will be a “find” for somebody); a ziplock bag containing assorted Christmas decor winnowed out as we trimmed the tree; a set of LED blue Christmas lights with white wires (we used this on an outdoor tree last year and the white wires were really unsightly, so I don’t see us using it again unless we for some reason acquired a white tree.  Not likely.)

January 4 — cleaning out the bottom shelf of a corner kitchen cabinet.   To the thrift store: a small crockpot; a ceramic flower basket;  a blue glass pitcher, pretty but doesn’t fit with any of my dishes; 2 clear glass bowls with pouring spouts; a plastic salad bowl and 4 individual salad bowls that match it; 4 Tupperware sandwich containers with lids; a Tupperware container for a bar of cheese; a mold and doll for making a doll cake; a Texas Ware bowl; a popcorn jar.  To our camp: a Pyrex bowl/casserole dish; a stainless steel bowl, a small glass storage jar, the type with a rubber gasket.  I also put a bunch of stuff in the trash.

Clearing out a craft tote that was under my bed; this was a tote that had been my mother's.   I could see it held craft materials so I had saved it.  Here's what I kept out of that (admittedly small) Rubbermaid tote: a bottle of gold beads and one of gold sequins. and two brand-new stencil brushes.  

To the trash: 4 bags of old potpourri (this was lovely, locally made high-end potpourri, but it was so old.  It had to go!);

To the thrift store: 3 packages of flexible magnetic strips; a box of assorted ribbon and ribbon roses; 5 packages of stencils; 4 miniature chipboard market baskets; a handmade Christmas ornament with a teensy teddy bear inside; a new bottle of potpourri oil and one of tacky glue; a package of wooden heart shapes.  

Much more decluttering to come in the days ahead, but this is a great start!


  1. That's a good amount gone, Mrs. T. My house has turned upside down again now that we're bringing home some of my brother's things to sort through. I'm about ready to get back to "Making Space" again. I should just pick a corner and start small, though, I think.

  2. You are an inspiration to us all! I need to do the same. (decluttering). Now that we have been in this house over a year, I know what we didn't use in a year and what has stayed packed for a year (or longer before that) and probably just needs to GO. Okay, I'm going to start working on that as soon as I put away the Christmas stuff, which won't be probably until the weekend now. No hurry. I am still enjoying them. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Blessings to you and yours for the New Year.


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