Thursday, January 28, 2021

A really nice dishcloth pattern

 Below, you see some of the dishcloths I have made over the years.

I've made loads of crocheted dishcloths in the past, from all different patterns and tutorials.  But this one for Dori's Dishcloth is new to me.  


I spied it somewhere -- on Instagram, I think -- last December (as in 2019) and promptly printed it out.  At some point I completed nearly half of it and then set it aside for a more urgent project.  The other day I needed a small take-along project and so grabbed the bag containing this one.  

Last night, I finished it.


This pattern, by Dori at The Red Feedsack, has just become my new favorite.  If you follow the link to Dori's blog, you will see that her dishcloths are mostly in solid colors.  I really like that better -- it has a simplicity that I really love -- but I had started this with variegated yarn so had to keep on.

Interested in any of the other dishcloths pictured here?  Go to the "dishcloths" label in the label cloud to find the posts concerning them.


  1. Such pretty colours in your dishcloth.

  2. I do love a hand crocheted or knit dishcloth. Simple pleasures.

  3. Those are so pretty...too pretty to dirty up with dishes! LOL. I do have some lovely ones that have been given to me over the years and I find that I am afraid to use them because I often have to bleach my dishclothes to get the tea stains out. (We drink a lot iced tea and hot tea here, and seems like I am always wiping up tea stains on the counter) So I save these and use them more like hot pads under dishes on the table or more like a doily. I am using one as a lovely rug in my Pamela's Victorian Cottage doll house! So there are lots of uses for these beautiful dishclothes! I like the colorful ones!

  4. Your dishcloth is very pretty and done. That's the important thing. I have made one or two dishcloths, but find them excessively bulky for dishes. I use the beautiful ones people have given me as doilies or even hot plates.


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