Thursday, January 21, 2021

If we know God ...


I'm pretty sure I've shared this quote before, but it's been many years.   I came upon it today and I just want to share it again.  It's from Charles Ryrie, and in case you can't read my writing or the scan is too small, I'll write it out for you here as well.

"If we know God, we do not need to know why He allows us to experience what we do.  He is not only in control of the universe and all its facets, but also of our lives, and He loves us.  Though His ways are sometimes beyond our comprehension, we should not criticize Him for His dealings with us or with others.  God is always in control of all things, even when He appears not to be." -- Charles Ryrie

As you can see, this card has been tacked to a wall a time or two.   I took it off a bathroom wall, I think, when we repainted.  Time to tack it back up.

Also,  just a note here to share a link to a blog post which encouraged me so much today.  What's Next for Christians?  Let's keep on doing what God calls His people to do, today and every day.


  1. Amen.... we are just passing through. I want to be faithful to my creed and a light for others.

  2. WOW! Thank you so much for this post and the link you provided. I truly needed this encouragement!

  3. I love this quote Sarah! If we can remember that God has the big picture when we are just seeing pieces and fragments of it, that helps to realize that He has a plan, and soon enough we will understand. That comforts me! Many blessings to you and prayers that the peace of the Lord is full and rich in your life today :)

  4. Yes, we need these kinds of reminders to help us stay focused on the Lord and His bigger, better plan. He is ALWAYS in control, even when we can't see how or what. Never underestimate His omnipotence or His omniscience. (All powerful and all knowing). Can't forget His omnipresence either...He is everywhere present. So we are safe in His care, no matter what! Thank you for sharing this today. We are blessed to be His children.

  5. That's a great quote! Thanks for sharing. I'm off to read the post you shared.

  6. Thank you for sharing this quote, Mrs. T. I've printed it out and will find a place to put it to focus on it for a while.


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