Monday, March 22, 2021

First day of spring


Yes, according to the calendar, Saturday was the first day of Spring.  And surprisingly, it felt a lot like Spring, which was very nice.

We understand that March is always a windy month, but this year it seems especially so.  There have been some sunny, pretty days, but the wind has been so strong that walking outdoors hasn't been as pleasant as it could be.

On Saturday morning, my hubby participated in our local flag wave as usual.  He said it was nice and sunny, but the wind was sharp, making it seem much colder than it actually was.

We drove 45 minutes south to our friend Terry's, and it was much milder and less windy there.  Our excursion out for breakfast with her was so pleasant and springlike!

In the afternoon we spent a little time with our daughter and family, looking over their maple sugaring setup.  They haven't made any syrup yet, but should be able to in the coming week.

Sunday was a gorgeous day also -- perfect for church and an afternoon drive in the Lakes Region to enjoy a late lunch and a Bible study with our good friends Sam and Jenn and their boys.

Just lovely weather for the first weekend of Spring!  We are so thankful for God's goodness.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful spring weekend in NH! Oh, how wonderful your kids are going to make Maple Syrup! I would love to watch them . You must take pictures and chronicle it for us! Wish we could then sample the syrup!! Nothing like the real pure Maple Syrup from NH! I miss being able to have it here in Florida, so good old Log Cabin syrup has to substitute. Not the same at all, but better than nothing. Enjoy your beautiful spring weather. It has actually been very cold here for Florida, and yes, very windy too. Yesterday it also rained and I think it is raining outside now as I write...which is a very cold rain...but we need it so I won't complain. Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. Hurray for Spring! It just makes you feel more cheerful, doesn't it? We've had wind too, and it does make it a bit more chilly, but I've been trying to spend sometime in the nicer weather!

    One of my granddaughters loves to be outside so I sat outside yesterday while she rode the scooter, climbed a tree, drew with sidewalk chalk and ran around!

  3. I'm sitting in a sunny patch in the living room. Very pleasant. It looks warm outside, the temp is pretty good, but the chill factor is not so great with the wind skipping across the snowy lawn.

    Sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend. Just the kind all New Englanders look forward to. 🌷

  4. Hello there, glad to hear that you've been enjoying some lovely spring days, even though it has been so windy. The wind does make it seem like it is much colder for sure! Visiting with friends, enjoying bible studies and little outings are just wonderful events! It has been sunny here as well, thankfully not much wind. We have had some snow here and there, but it continues to melt. My greenhouse is my happy place now, as the little seedlings are growing and I am looking forward to another happy season in the garden! Many blessings to you :)


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