Thursday, March 25, 2021

Making space ... week 12


Yes, I'm still trying to make some space.  Here's the tally from March 9-20:

Things from here and there

To the trash:

Many containers of dried up play dough, plus assorted cutters for same
A bunch of brand-now, but inferior crayons
7 (yes, seven!) partially used bottles of lotion in various scents
3 large, dried up glue sticks
A remote so old we don’t know what it went to

To the thrift store:
4 boxes crayons
2 boxes white chalk
2 boxes colored chalk
2 boxes jumbo colored sidewalk chalk
3 glass candleholders — 1 votive, 2 taper size
1 box vintage yellow taper candles in the “slim” size
7 floating candles — 6 “candy corn” and 1 star shape
1 baby outfit from my daughter’s infancy
Other odds and ends of kids’ clothing — 2 very nice sleeveless dresses size 8 (won’t fit any granddaughters for a few years yet, so …); a pair of corduroy pants, same size; 1 white polo shirt, same size … probably more.
A decorative ladybug made to resemble a strawberry (this sort of thing happens when you have, or when people think you have, a strawberry collection)
A navy blue striped long-sleeve tee
A pretty plaid shirt with silvery trim and black velvet collar (it has never fit …)
3 other plaid shirts; I love them but they will never fit again

Plus, I did give some items of kids’ clothing to my daughters for their kids.

Hoping to post another list in a week or two!


  1. I love seeing the things you are finding and sending away...amazing the things we hold onto. I know my hubby was a teacher for many years and he had a lot of extra odds and ends of pencils, note pads, markers, etc. I try to go thru them periodically and remove the ones that are dried up or no good...but still we never use the others and they need to go to a good home (or teacher!) Good ideas you are giving me. Have a great day.

  2. Doesn't it feel good to achieve like this? One of these days you are going to wake up and it will be all done! Maybe:)

  3. As I read through what you have decluttered, I realized that I have many of the same items to include sidewalk chalk and half-filled bottles of lotion. 🥴

  4. Good haul
    Not remembering what a remote goes to makes me laugh.

  5. Oh my! Your listing of items to the thrift store is inspiring! Ha ha! I need to clean out the play room and the garage is waiting patiently for me too!!


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