Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Back from the West!


Yes, as of last night, we are back from our unpublicized two-week trip to Nevada.   We kept as quiet as possible about our plans because we wanted to surprise our grandchildren.  And we pulled it off! 

I will post more about our trip when I get some of the photos that other people took.  I got a few on my tablet which are quite poor quality, but some may have seen them on Instagram.  Mr. T got some with the camera and so I do have a few more to share later.

 One of the main reasons for our trip is seen below:

 This is our youngest granddaughter Rosemary, who turned 4 months old during our visit.  It was so much fun to make her acquaintance and she is at a sweet, interactive age, very smiley and responsive.

The other part of our plan was to surprise our granddaughter Emily for her 13th birthday.  We brought along her cousin Julia.  The girls are great friends and we managed, as I said, to pull off the surprise.  (Pictures of that to follow if I can get them from our daughter, who took them.  Obviously we couldn't get any of that event ourselves, since we were part of the surprise!)  Julia is in yellow below, and Emily is in pink.

Photos at top and bottom of post are of a remote dirt road outside of Wells, Nevada, where we visited an amazing natural hot springs.  More to follow on another day!


  1. What a fun surprise for your granddaughter. I know it was a precious two weeks of family time.

  2. That's great! You had a nice long visit so I am looking forward to seeing more photos. Baby Rosemary is adorable. What a joy to be able to meet her in person.

  3. How wonderful that you could go on this surprise trip! How sweet to finally see your youngest granddaughter! Looks like you have a nice age span of grandchildren.


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