Wednesday, May 12, 2021

May 12 Hodgepodge


Time for the Wednesday Hodgepodge which takes place weekly at From This Side of the Pond.  Joyce asks the questions, readers answer them on their own blogs and then link up.  Here we go with this week's questions:

 1. It's like my mama always said, "______________________________________________." 

"This house is falling down around our ears!"  Usually uttered on a Saturday morning to inspire us all to clean our rooms before going out to play.  Right now I feel the same way.  Cleaning and decluttering desperately needed here.  I just can't seem to summon up the energy.

2. May 11th is National Eat What You Want Day. What will you be having by way of celebration? 

I wish I had known this ahead of time. I would have chosen a warm meat loaf sandwich on a sub roll with barbecue sauce and melted cheese, along with oven potato wedges and some coleslaw.  For dessert, I would go out for ice cream at one of our seasonal local places.

What I actually did have: some roasted red pepper tomato soup (packaged and oh-so-yummy) and a few saltines.

3. Describe your idea of a perfect spring day.

Green grass, apple blossoms, warm sun, soft breeze, no black flies ... maybe even a picnic. 

4. Success, fulfillment, growth, achievement...pick one and tell us how it relates to your life in some way, either currently or in days gone by. 

I'm going to pick growth, So thankful for the opportunity to grow spiritually and to grow as a person. Even though the past year has been a huge challenge, I'm thankful that even pandemics and lockdowns can't keep us from personal and spiritual growth.

5. I saw this going around on various social media sites and thought it would be fun to answer here. The last thing you bought on Amazon is your weapon in battle. How will you wield it?  (if you're not an Amazon shopper, then the last thing you bought online anywhere)

The last thing I bought on Amazon was vitamins -- two bottles each of a super fruit formula and a pomegranate extract.  Obviously wielding these in the battle for good health.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Today is the birthday of my hubby's youngest sister.  Happy Birthday, Carolyn, if you happen to be reading this.

And there is the Hodgepodge for May 12!


  1. I am enjoying all the creative answers to #5 today : ) Have a happy Wednesday! It's nice to see you in the Hodgepodge this week.

  2. I think I may start using your mother's saying! ;) Visiting from the wednesday hodgepodge linkup and loving your blog! Hope you have a great day!

  3. After reading your post, I am now craving meat loaf!

  4. Creative answer for battle with those vitamins! :) Yum...a meatloaf sandwich. Hope the rest of your week is lovely with no black flies!

  5. Your meatloaf sandwich sounds divine! I like it with BBQ sauce too! And cheese is good...we make them like a toasted cheese sandwich. Best part of a meatloaf...leftover grilled sandwiches! Oh, I remember those awful black flies! Glad we don't have them in Florida, but the mosquitoes are already popping out, which I know you will have there soon too, about the time the black flies go away! LOL. Every place has it's own pests! Enjoy your spring days...and those lovely apple blossoms!

  6. Oh I have never enjoyed that combination of favorite foods, but I'd like to. Not so sure about the soup.

    Last thing I purchased from Amazon was a bottle of Zinc. I imagine the vitamin business has picked up.

    I am off today to enjoy one of those spring kind of days. Maybe I'll pop into NH.

  7. I love that brand of tomato soup. We usually have it once a week with grilled cheese. Usually on the days I work late.

  8. I doubt my cross stitch chart would help me in battle but sharp scissors We are in the process of packing to move and I have tossed a good bit, realizing that I really did not NEED that many books. There is a library in town. I got rid of some clothes....hoping some people will be blessed with them at the thrift store in our little town. I can only do so much every day then I have to sit down and rest a while. My birthday is Monday so I plan to have a nice steak and baked potato!! And maybe a piece of chocolate cake too.:)

  9. Ma always said, "Don't slam the screen door!"
    Achievement...I hope to have some.
    Spring Day...walking through a fully blooming apple orchard smelling the blossums and watching out for bees


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