Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday five


 Just a really quick Friday five before heading any deeper into a busy day:

1.  The scilla is back!  I hadn't seen any of it for a couple of springs now, but my hubby spotted some sprigs of it recently.  Yes, it's considered invasive, but it can do no harm in the area of the yard where it's sprung up.  I won't mind if it spreads, though it's been slow to do so thus far.

2.  The outhouse is finished at our little camp.  That's another step toward being able to spend more time there.  We will use the Incinolet at night, but this facility is for daytime use.

3.  A clean laundry sorter!  I didn't get a photo of this, so the vintage laundry ad below will have to do.  I try to run my fabric laundry sorting bins through the washer and dryer every few months, and I've had it on my list for the longest time.  Finally achieved it yesterday.

4.  The fun of watching a granddaughter learn to read.  Ari could read a little bit last year, but now she is taking off and reading everything in sight, including reading the grocery store flyer as I made my list while sitting outdoors at the camp.

5.  A yummy, new-to-me radish salad recipe.  I found the recipe for Ravishing Radish Salad in a special Taste of Home Healthier Cooking magazine that my daughter in Nevada had waiting for me.  I bought radishes for it but hadn't found time to put it together until yesterday.  Really good, though of course I changed a few things.  I didn't have fennel; used chives instead of green onions;  maple syrup instead of honey; 1 tsp. dried dill rather than the fresh; a squirt of the Garden Gourmet basil rather than the fresh leaves (GG is the next best thing) and I left out the toasted walnuts at the end, but I think they would be really good.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Maple syrup instead of honey sounds fantastic! Good recipe. Radish salad in a jar as snack food in the fridge will make summer fresher.

  2. Rats! Lost my comment and have no oomph to compose it again. 🥴

  3. Love your outhouse! It looks really cute! Glad you have something inside for nighttime, however! Don't you have moose and bears where your camp is? Just wondering. Love the flowers, whatever they are. I am not familiar with them, so they probably don't grow here. That radish salad sounds yummy, but looks like a few too many radishes for my tummy to handle all at once, but maybe just a small spoon full. Have a blessed and wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


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