Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Summer planning, Part 1


Recently,  I mentioned that I've been doing some planning for summer.  I've been using some prompts I've had for awhile; I think they may have been an earlier version of Jess Connolly's Summer to Thrive.  I've had them stashed away in one of my blog fodder folders for years, I guess, with "Summer" scrawled at the top.  

I know that to some, the summer is half over, but for me it is really just beginning.  I thought sharing these prompts and my answers might be an encouragement to someone else.  So here we go.  I'll be dividing this into 2 posts.

1.  How do you want to feel at the end of summer?  How do you want the people around you to feel at the end of summer?

For myself, I want to feel energized and somewhat rested.  I'd like to feel as if I got to do many of the things that make summer special to me.

As for the people around me, I'd like for them to feel the same -- energized, somewhat rested, and as if they did many of the summery things they look forward to each year.

2.   If you could pick only 3 ways to work toward how you want to feel at the end of summer, what would they be?

1) Eat outdoors (or within screens) whenever possible.
2) Help my hubby as we renovate our little cottage -- a true "summer place"!
3) Take every opportunity to soak up summer time with friends and family.

3.  What do you have to do?  Write down the responsibilities that can't go away.

* Meal prep (but I can work at simplifying it)
* Basic housework and laundry
* Hospitality and mentoring
* Ministry, including Sunday School lesson prep and blogging
* Etsy shop listings/sales

 4.  What don't you have to do?  We were encouraged to dig deep on our answers to this one.

* I don't have to spend any time on Facebook.
* I don't have to watch TV or movies unless I choose to.
* I don't have to text anyone.
* I don't have to have an iPhone.
* I don't have to prepare every meal from scratch.
* I don't have to post on Instagram unless I want to.
* I don't even have to look at Instagram every day.
* I don't have to check my email more than twice a day.
* I don't have to post in my blogs every day -- but I consider them a ministry so it's important to post regularly.  Plus, it brings me joy.
* I don't have to make  handmade gifts unless I choose to -- but I find it fun and joyous to make some gifts, so I will be working on some this summer.

 Okay, I hope that these simple questions/prompts may help you with your summer planning as well.  It's not too late to get a better handle on your summer!  I'll be back soon with Part 2.

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