Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday five -- autumn leaf edition


 Today I want to share a bunch of foliage pictures from around our state.  I decided to set this up as a Friday five with photos taken in various locations.  Lots of pictures ahead, so fasten your seat belts!

1.  Pittsburg, New Hampshire.  Of course mushrooms cannot be considered foliage, but the colors are right, and we didn't get any foliage pictures up there two weeks ago.  It was pretty, but not at peak.

This isn't foliage either, except for that sprig at top right.  But it's Pittsburg and I really like this photo.

2.  Deering, New Hampshire.  First three photos from Deering Reservoir.



Seen while walking near our Airbnb

 3. Apple orchard in Alexandria, New Hampshire.





4.  On the way to our little camp (in a neighboring town).

On the road to camp.  I love how the road is winding into the distance.

The foliage on the sumacs is amazing this year.


The lake view from camp is getting better and better as the leaves come off the trees.

5.  Our own neighborhood and my walking route.

 The red tree above is on the street right in front of our house.  So thankful my hubby got these photos early this week; most of the red leaves are now history.  I loved the way they looked against the dark green evergreen trees.

My friend and I spotted these berries on our walking route a month or so ago.  We loved how the green leaves are edged with red.


This glorious red tree is also on our walking route.  Photo from Wednesday, I think.

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Oh I did enjoy them. The reds are my most favorites. Well, I liked the apples in the bushel boxes under the trees, too. Trouble with foliage season is that it lasts only a minute and a half. Here in my corner, we went from low to peak to past peak in five short days. I suppose too much more of this glory would kill us. ☺️

  2. Wonderful photos!! You do my heart good to see these lovely fall leaves, apples and general autumn beauty of New Hampshire. What a treat!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us here in Florida, where we are autumn deprived!!

  3. So beautiful!! Our colors are just beginning to turn here. Off this morning to watch Elliott play his last soccer game this season. Hope all is well with your family Mrs T!!

  4. I sure do love fall foliage pictures! And even if mushrooms aren't necessarily foliage they definitely fit right in with the color scheme!


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