Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday five


Just popping in with a quick Friday five from the past week:

1.  A great time at the monthly ladies' Bible study on Saturday morning.  We are working through the Bible study book Never Alone from the Daily Grace Co. and what a wonderful study it is.  It's such a beautiful book, one might wonder if it has as much substance as it does style, but I am here to assure you that it does.  I'm impressed with the Daily Grace Co. If you want to check them out, they're running a Dollar Days sale right now.  I'm hoping to check a few gifts off my Christmas list from this sale!

2.  A wonderful time at church on Sunday.  We are exploring the possibilities of a merger with another church and just meeting together for the time being as we seek God's leading in this.  This was the second Sunday to meet together, and what a blessing it has been!

3.  A great result from day surgery for an older friend.  We were able to transport her to and from the hospital and stayed the night, and are so thankful, just praising God, for the way things went and how well she is already doing.

Photo is from one of our Charlotte's gardens up north

4.  A fun day in a small northern city while we waited for the surgery and recovery to be complete.  We did lots of errands and ate lunch out at a nice diner.  Later, we discovered the fun little park described below:

The river (just beyond the fence) was burbling merrily and colorful sumacs lined the riverbank.  I got the idea to take a little video while my hubby played one of the percussion sculptures in the background.  He is not in the least musical, but as you can hear, these sculptures make any attempt sound good!

5.   Yummy Mexican food on the trip home yesterday.  We got the street tacos and were transported back to our favorite taco truck in Elko, Nevada, as seen below:

At the restaurant yesterday, though, one of the options was shrimp in the filling.  I love shrimp and gave this one a try.   It was absolutely scrumptious!  The tacos (2 per order) came with rice and black beans and some wonderful salsa that tastes very much like the taco truck kind.  One could choose from shrimp, veggie, chicken or steak.  The chicken filling was yummy also and my hubby enjoyed the steak.

That's my simple Friday five.  So thankful for every one of our many blessings!


  1. I am sure it is pretty in your area now. I will have to check out the Bible study. I haven't found anything new that I was all that crazy about lately.

  2. The Bible study sounds wonderful, I will pray that all goes well with the merging of your church with another!
    So happy the surgery went well with your friend, prayers for s speedy recovery!
    Reading of the delicious food has made me hungry since it is almost lunchtime around here. ~smile~ Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Such a wonderful post. Praying for your church(es) to come together as God directs. Sounds like a good solution for you all as long as you are in agreement on doctrine and other matters of church organization, etc. Sounds like a beautiful new family is coming together in Christ...that is wonderful.


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