Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Hot-weather hodgepodge


 This week, I'm once again writing a Hodgepodge post and linking up with Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.   Recall, this is the linkup where Joyce asks the questions and bloggers provide the answers on their own blogs.  Here goes!

 1. Something you learned from your father? 

Oh, I learned so many things from my dad. As well as being a wise and godly man, he was a veritable fount of folksy wisdom.  After his funeral, when we gathered to celebrate his life, I placed on the tables not only old family photos, but some of his sayings as well.


2. Do you like onions? Raw or cooked? How about onion rings? What's something you love to eat that calls for onions?

I do like onions.  I prefer them cooked.  I do like raw onion, but I don't like my breath afterwards when I eat it, so avoid it when I can.  I often substitute fresh chives (I have a large patch) for raw onion in recipes.  And I have found that I can make pickled red onions that don't cause the usual raw onion issues.  Oh yes, I love onion rings.   I don't eat them often (too caloric) but oh, they are good.  I can't think of a specific recipe I love to eat that calls for onions.  I use them a lot in cooking.


3. It's officially summer (in the Northern hemisphere)...your favorite and least favorite things about the season?

Not sure ... do I get just one favorite and least favorite thing?

Favorite: ice cream stands are open!  And also ... if I get more than one ... blue lakes, green trees, brilliant flower blooms.

Least favorite: ticks!  And also ... humidity, mosquitoes, and deerflies.

4. When you think about the summers of your childhood what are two or three things that come to mind? 

* Ice cream.   One of our favorite family outings in the summer was just to go out for ice cream on an ordinary evening.

* Picking blueberries.  Again, just a favorite family thing to do, usually in conjunction with a picnic.

* Spending time at a summer cottage.  Either our own little camp or my grandmother's summer place; both were a given during the summer.

5.  A hot mess, the heat of the moment, beat the heat, if you can't stand the heat, catch heat, in a dead heat...choose a 'hot 'phrase and tell us how it applies to your life right now.

Beat the heat might be a good one. On very hot days, we head off to our little camp in the woods.  There is so much green there, and a breeze blows in through the many screened windows.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

How is it that June is now 2/3 over? Not sure just where that time has gone.  Thankfully, summer is just beginning!

Our peonies always bloom in June and get more beautiful every year.

That wraps up the Hodgepodge for this week!  Why not head on over to From This Side of the Pond and snag the questions to answer on your own blog? 


  1. Your peonies are gorgeous! Mine are also blooming and seem to last longer with the cool weather.

    I like the idea of setting out phrases used by a person. It would be as strong an indicator of who he or she was as a photo. I'm chuckling to think of some of my father's.

    Ice cream features prominently in your summertime fun. Hope that you enjoy all you want this summer!

  2. Love what you did for your dad! My grandpa isn't doing well and I have already started thinking about ways we can best commemorate him, once that time comes.

  3. Lovely peonies. Our pink and white ones are trying to open up and now that we finally have several sunshiny days in a row they will. That was a great idea for the tables at your dad's funeral. Happy Summertime to you.

  4. OH, I love your peonies. As I've probably said before, they don't grow here in Florida, and so I rarely get to see them, but I do love them. Your likes and dislikes in summer all make good sense. Taking a ride to get some ice cream seems to be a favorite thing in New England. I remember that from when we lived there. There was a place in Stowe, Maine, that was called the Stowe Corner Store, and they had great ice cream. The place wasn't much to look at, but the ice cream was great and very generous in servings. Fun memories. I love what you did for your father...the quotes are so neat. I love that idea. Sweet way to remember him. I enjoyed your post very much.

  5. Your peonies are beautiful! I love the dad-sayings. We have some of those from my dad as well, that we repeat. Have a nice weekend!


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