Thursday, June 16, 2022

Wall art at our little camp

The other afternoon I was looking around our little camp and thinking about some of the wall art we have in place there.  I'm sure there will be more to come over time, but I know some of you enjoy reading about our little place and this might be something different to show you.

The sign at top is fairly ancient -- probably from the 1950s.  It had been nailed to a fence post by my grandfather and the person who evidently co-owned a pasture with him.  This was a cow pasture which was also rich with high-bush blueberries.  This sign lived on my parents' enclosed porch for years, and we decided it would find a new home in our little camp.

The welcome sign above is cleverly displayed in a corner adjacent to the coffee bar.  Our oldest granddaughters had gifted us with this sign at Christmas, and recently grandson Sam figured out a great place to hang it.
Our friend Cyndy drew this saw-whet owl and gifted us with a print.  We finally found the perfect frame for it and it's now on the living room wall.
Above is a section of a much larger illustrated map filled with US historical events.  We found this while clearing out the homestead.  It isn't on the wall yet, but is propped at the back of the coffee bar.
This sweet sampler is in the little bedroom area.  My great-aunt Mabel stitched this, in 1936 if I remember right.  It's in the original frame.

There's not a lot of wall space in the kitchen -- it's mostly taken up by cabinets and windows -- but I have found that hanging a plate on a cabinet door adds a wonderful decorative note to the kitchen.  This one is a collectible-type plate from Avon.  At Christmas time, I used one of these:

And I loved the way that looked on the cabinet door.

Lastly, below is a little sign on another cabinet door.  (Aren't those vintage glass knobs fun?)  This sign is quite small, much smaller than it looks in the photo, but it adds another decorative touch to the kitchen walls.

And that's it for now!  Hope you've enjoyed seeing some of our vintage camp decorating!


  1. I LOVE your vintage signs! Perfect for your camp cabin! If I had a camp/cabin I would do much the same thing. I kind of do anyway here at our house. I love things that show the personality and history of the people living there. It makes it so much more interesting than just plain ordinary walls or modern signs/pictures with no real meaning to them. I know I would LOVE your camp! I already do from here in Florida!

  2. Yes, I did! Does your cottage have a name?

    1. We don't have a sign to that effect yet, but I think grandson Josiah is going to Woodburn the name into an old oar that we found: Lakeview Lodge.

  3. Anonymous8:41 PM

    We love Cyndy's art.😍

  4. I love all the wall decorations. It’s homey in a good way.

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I love seeing the art especially the family ones! All very special for atmosphere and memory making!


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