Saturday, September 02, 2023

First Friday in September


What a wonderful start to our day as we took time to build, and sit by, a morning campfire at our little cottage!  Nearly always, we have some sort of time constraint for getting back home after spending the night at the camp.  

But on Friday mornings, that's seldom the case, so typically we've been doing our grocery shopping around 8 am on Friday.  This week, we had done the shopping on Thursday.   And that evening as we sat by the fire, my hubby suggested that we ought to build a campfire in the morning, and enjoy our time with the Lord out there.  

Friday dawned clear, crisp, and beautiful.  That's not anything we take for granted these days!  There has been so much rain.

My hubby lost no time in building a fire.  Soon we were sitting beside it, devotional materials and mugs of hot coffee in hand.

What a beautiful way to start our Friday, as well as the month of September!

We decided that this will be our new tradition for Friday mornings throughout September and October, any Friday that the weather cooperates with us.  It's a much sweeter start to the day than grocery shopping (which we can easily fit in on a different day).  Wouldn't you agree?

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  1. OH OH OH! I LOVE THAT! I love the video. I opened it on full screen and listened to the fire crackling! So peaceful and beautiful. I made my husband come and look at it and told him I want to do that. He said as soon as October or November gets here, since we live in Florida, and it is still too hot and humid and buggy to do that yet. So I am going to hold him to it! Thank you for this lovely way to start my Saturday morning. I may have to save this and come back to it again. That was beautiful, and yes, a perfect way to start the day and have devotions. I LOVE this! Thank you!!!!!!!!!


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