Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Quote for the day


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 Inspired by my devotional study of Charles Swindoll's Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, I've begun the daunting task of cleaning and organizing my computer desk.  If that sounds like an odd inspiration, I'lll quickly explain.  Today's devotional reading in this book was all about orderliness and how important it is. Verses from Proverbs were cited as well as Paul's words to the Corinthians and Colossians.  

Some probing questions were asked including if the reader could easily find important documents, or if one's desk remained permanently cluttered.  My hubby and I have struggled for years with trying to get our paper clutter under control -- so that question is one we will be addressing yet again.

The desk question also struck a nerve.   Although I can frequently clear my little crafting desk in our bedroom (and it always fills up again), my computer desk is another story.  It has a bookshelf as part of it  and I had done lots of decluttering of those books.  But on the small shelf above that, oh, what a mess.  I had many very dusty CDs that I will never use again, a desk lamp that I literally never use, and so on.  So I dived in.

In the cleaning and sorting that ensued, a yellow post-it note surfaced.  

 There is no indication where I heard or found the quote, or who said it, but it certainly is wise advice:

"At the fork in every road, choose the road that brings you closer to God."

I need to take this to heart.  There are so many choices, so many forks in the road even in a day, never mind a lifetime.   May I always choose the road that brings me nearer to my heavenly Father.


  1. Wonderful quote and such good advice for all of us. Regarding cleaning desks, bookshelves, etc., I totally get it. As soon as I think I've done a great job of cleaning up my desk and papers, etc., more come to fill it right back up. I've been trying harder to throw things away that I KNOW I will never look at or need again, but old habits die hard. I'm afraid my kids will one day have to do this job when I'm gone. They will be scratching their heads and asking why on earth did she save THIS? LOL. I hope you are able to make progress in your task. I will pray for you and you can pray for me to do the same!

  2. That's a wonderful quote. I keep beavering away at making sure that things are under control in the paper department. It takes vigilance, doesn't it.


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