Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Words of faith and wisdom...

In addition to my journal, I keep a separate small binder (the sort that holds 3” x 5” file cards) where I record helpful, inspiring quotes as well as encouraging Scripture verses. In times of discouragement I love to get out this little notebook and read through it. It never fails to uplift and encourage me. Because the binder is so small, it is easy to take along in a purse or tote bag. If I have a lot of waiting to do at a hospital or wherever, I take this little notebook along. I have even been able to share it with others on occasion. It occurred to me this morning that perhaps others who visit here at my kitchen table would also be uplifted and encouraged by these quotes. So I’m going to share a few here today.

“Unbelief sees God through circumstances, as we sometimes see the sun shorn of his rays through smoky air; but faith puts God between itself and circumstances, and looks at them through Him.” ~ F.B. Meyer

“When about to pursue some course that seems all clear and right and there comes quietly to your spirit a suggestion that has in it the force almost of a conviction, give heed, even if changed plans seem highest folly from standpoint of human wisdom.” ~ Way of Faith

“That which I know not teach Thou me.
Who, blessed, Lord, teacheth like Thee?
Lead my desires that they may be
According to Thy will.” ~ Amy Carmichael

“It is tragically possible to have a saved soul, but a lost life.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“With His healing hand on a broken heart,
And the other on a star,
Our wonderful God views the miles apart,
And they seem not very far.
There is hope and help for our sighs and tears,
For the wound that stings and smarts;
Our God is at home with the rolling spheres,
And at home with broken hearts.” ~ M.P. Ferguson
See Psalm 147:3,4)

“Faith is that God-given faculty which, when exercised, brings the unseen into plain view, and by which the impossible things are made possible.” ~ E. A. Kilbourne

“Saints have never yet reached the limit to the possibilities of prayer. Whatever has been attained or achieved has touched but the fringe of the garment of a prayer-hearing God.” ~ Dr. A.T. Pierson
(I have the above quote on the front of my prayer journal.)

“Thou art the Lord who slept upon the pillow,
Thou art the Lord who soothed the furious sea.
What matter beating wind and tossing billow,
If only we are in the boat with Thee?” ~ Amy Carmichael

(Both of the photos (and I apologize that they are a bit blurry)  show a quote journal I made for someone else ... a mom whose child had undergone a kidney transplant.  She was spending lots of time at the hospital and this made a nice little gift.)

So there you have just a few of the quotes from my notebook. More next time!


  1. These quotes are ALL good but my favourite is this one, especially the part I highlighted:

    “That which I know not teach Thou me.
    Who, blessed, Lord, teacheth like Thee?
    Lead my desires that they may be
    According to Thy will
    .” ~ Amy Carmichael

  2. Yes. The words you highlighted always remind me of Psalm 37:4 -- "Delight thyself also in the LORD; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

    Spurgeon wrote concerning this verse: "Men who delight in God desire or ask for nothing but what will please God; hence it is safe to give them carte blanche. Their will is subdued to God's will, and now they may have what they will. Our innermost desires are here meant, not our casual wishes; there are many things which nature might desire which grace would never permit us to ask for; these deep, prayerful, asking desires are those to which the promise is made."


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