Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some flowery photos

Last night we finally got to take some pictures off the camera. I thought it might fun to post a few photos from around our yard. These are not all recent, but are from the past month or so. Spring flowers come late up here!

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These apple blossoms are on a wild tree in our yard. We think it sprang up some years ago from apple cores we tossed out while making pies, etc. In recent years it has blossomed beautifully, and the apples, though small and not pretty, actually taste quite good!

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These ladyslippers are growing wild in our woods and also among ferns at the edge of our yard. We have several large patches of them. Aren't they gorgeous?

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These trilliums are growing all through our woods. I believe these are called painted trilliums. We also have a few dark red ones which are not as pretty as these.

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And last but not least, these irises are some that I transplanted from a friend's yard years ago. They are at their peak right now. This photo was taken last night.

We have many more photos of our wildflowers which I'll share at a later date. Meanwhile, enjoy these!


  1. Wow, you take great pictures! Mine tend to come out blurry.

    Are you serious about the apple cores? If I plant an apple core, I will get an apple tree? I know I sound dumb....I'm a city-girl who's not done much gardening. LOL

  2. Well, we didn't set out to plant an apple tree, but we were/are in the habit of just tossing scraps like that out for the birds, etc. if we have a lot of apple peels & cores. There had never been an apple tree there before that we knew of. I don't know if just planting an apple core would actually grow an apple tree. It might be more of a sure thing to buy one from a plant nursery or garden center!

    Mr. T actually took these pictures. I haven't mastered the digital camera yet, and he's still learning. (Some of his pictures came out blurry, too!)


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