Monday, June 26, 2006

Our Father's Day adventure

Our Father’s Day adventure...

I promised to share some photos of our Father’s Day mini-vacation, so will do that here. We had a 3-hour holiday from the cares and busyness of our ordinary lives. It was an extremely hot day here on June 18 -- one of those days where one can break into a sweat with no effort whatsoever. We decided to head for the mountains, where it would be somewhat cooler, especially at the two locations we had in mind. We really couldn’t decide which place to go, but we ended up having time for both.

After the morning service at church, we stopped by a supermarket and picked up some picnic provisions -- deli sandwiches, chips, and bottled water. Then we went to a picnic area in a state park and enjoyed our lunch. My hubby had a roast beef sub and I, a chicken Caesar wrap. We found a picnic table under trees, near a brook, and it was most refreshing.

After lunch, we drove to a ski area and “climbed” to the top of the mountain via an aerial tram car. It was about 20º cooler up there, and we enjoyed hiking around the top and taking some pictures. We saw some gorgeous flowers and got photos of a few of them, like these white ones:
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and some gorgeous pink ones, which are lost somewhere in Photobucket, apparently.

It was really hazy, so there were no great views from up there, but we did enjoy the lower temps and the cool breeze that was blowing.

We descended the mountain in plenty of time to visit our other hoped-for destination, a rocky gorge just brimming with waterfalls and greenery. Even though we worked up a slight sweat hiking the trails, there was a cool breeze blowing here too, and a constant misty spray from the waterfalls. Here are some photos:
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So that was our refreshing Father's Day holiday. Hope these photos can convey a sense of refreshment and coolness to others, too!

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