Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 Things Meme

I guess I'm slow, but I just found this at Mrs. B's blog and it looked like fun. I was ready for a few minutes of R&R after a difficult afternoon, so gave it a try.

5 Things Meme

1. Broccoli
2. Fat-free half & half
3. Watermelon
4. Baby carrots
5. Water

1. Skirts, shirts, jumpers
2. A tin of hemlock cones for Christmas crafting
3. A bag of ”paper treasures” like greeting cards, postcards,etc. sorted by season, for display in a ribbon board and a glass-topped desk
4. Sweaters & jeans
5. Shoes and slippers

5 THINGS IN MY PURSE: I am the opposite of Mrs. B here -- I don’t love purses. Well, I actually do like them in the abstract -- I enjoy seeing all the cute ones available and occasionally am tempted by them, but seldom succumb because I HATE carrying them.
1. Glasses
2. Wallet
3. Peppermint Altoids
4. Hopefully a pen

1. An insulated bag for frozen food, etc.
2. A film canister full of quarters
3. Maps
4. A few CDs
5. Straws and napkins


  1. Oh yeah....forgot all about the Altoids, I always have those too!

    This was fun to read!

  2. While riding to church tonight, I noticed something else unique in our car that I should have listed... a Yankee Candle "car jar" in the Fruit Smoothie scent. It smells wonderful -- just like summer!

  3. I've not heard of that scent. I must admit that most of the 'car jars' are too strong for me...they make me sneeze but I did like the macintosh apple long as I didn't pull it all the way out of the plastic! LOL

    Aren't Yankee Candles the best?!

  4. Yes, I love the Yankee candle scents. I do stay out of their stores, as all of those scents in one place give me a headache! As you may know, the Yankee Candle company is located in Massachusetts, so many people in New England enjoy a trip to their flagship store for a fun day trip. I have not gone there, as just visiting an outlet store made my head ache badly enough.

    You really do need to leave the car jars in the plastic and just pull them out a little at a time. I love the Macintosh apple one too, and I have recently discovered Macintosh Peach. They have a Mandarin Cranberry that I really like too. My top favorite for a candle, though, is Cranberry Chutney. Have you tried that one?

  5. No I've not tried the cranberry chutney but based upon your recommendation I think I shall! I like one called 'Berry Bramble', 'Sweet Strawberry', & Caribbean Fruit'.

    Have you tried any of the cinammon ones or butter cream scents? They smell heavenly but I was wondering how good they smelled while burning.

    Instead of lighting my candles I've been using the new candle warmers. I like them better because the candle lasts much longer, it is safer and there is no black soot on the jar.

  6. The only one of those you mentioned that I've tried is the strawberry. Love that one! I'll have to look for the others. I had a car jar previously that was called, I think, Island Mango. That was nice too.

    I've not tried burning the cinnamon or buttercream ones. I have tried some of the chocolate ones and don't care for how they smell when burning. The only one of those that really smells like chocolate to me is called (I think) Cookies & Cream. I'm not sure if they make that anymore.

    I use mostly the votives so haven't tried the candle warmers, but I think they're a great idea. Also, a couple of years ago I received one of the electric tart warmers for Mother's Day, so I do use the tarts as well.


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