Friday, July 20, 2007

Slightly crafty

Yesterday I did a couple of crafty things. I'd been wanting to make a new valance for our guest room window, and had a couple of calendar towels I thought would be perfect for what I had in mind. I was pleased with the way it came out. Basically, I cut off the calendar part from each towel and then hemmed them all around so only the picture part showed. Then I simply attached them to the curtain rod with clip clothespins.

While poking about in the linen closet, I came across another calendar towel just begging to be put to use. It had a lovely apple border and a picture of apples on the top. I wanted to utilize that border! I folded the towel so that the border at the bottom met the border around the picture, sewed it in place, and then simply cut off the excess (the actual calendar) on the back side. The result was an apple-y table square.

Also this week, I finished up the 6th in a set of 7 embroidered flour-sack towels. Here it is:

And that's it for now! (I also started a simple daily journal as described by Jewels at Eyes of Wonder. That's a crafty endeavor all its own.)


  1. What a great idea. How nice that you were able to turn them into something that would work for you. Thanks for sharing and participating in Sew Crafty Friday. I too started the same journal that you mentioned. I hope yours is coming along nicely. I've been wanting to share mine for SCF one week.

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I have so enjoyed your blog. I made a set of the days of weeks towels too. I used Dottie Duck. When you have time please stop by for a visit.
    Blessings in Christ,

  3. Cute ideas! I'm thinking of trying my hand at embroidering tea towels.

  4. Hi everyone,

    So nice to see you here around my kitchen table! Glad you are enjoying it here!

    Shereen -- thanks for hosting Sew Crafty Friday. I hope to participate on a regular basis, but we'll see. I have finished only 2 journal pages so far, but am enjoying it soooo much.

    Elizabeth -- This is my second set of flour-sack towels. I did birds/birdhouses for the first set. I'm doing a set for each of my 2 daughters and my daughter-in-law. I have one set left to do. It is the set called Fine China. I did make a quick stop at your blog this morning and noticed the neat dish towel & apron with the plaid trim so checked out All About Blanks. What a neat site! Thanks for sharing.

    Susan -- so happy to see you here! Tea towels are easy and fun to embroider! How's the progress on that big cross-stitch project?

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  5. I've seen some cute calendar towels at garage sales and thrift stores, but never picked them up because I had no idea what to do with them. You have some very clever ideas!

  6. Hello Mom2fur --

    Now next time you see these calendar towels at a sale, you'll know what can be done with them. I often use them for dish towels, but one can only use so many of those. Some of the calendar ones are so pretty, it's nice to have some other ideas for using them.

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table. Hope to see you here again from time to time!

  7. I found you through Shereen's Sew Crafty Friday and love all your creative touches! Your home looks inviting and warm. :-)
    Have a great Monday!!

  8. That is a great way to reuse the towels! Great idea! :o)

  9. Mrs. T at Across My Kitchen Table - Mrs. Klause from Clothed With Scarlet. It is nice to "meet" you. Embroidered flour sack towels... I just love them! They remind me of my Grandmother Nettie. {sigh} I look forward to the time when I can embroider with my girls. They are very young yet. And I just love the sweet and simple! You have a wonderful day!

    Truly in His joy,
    Mrs. Klause
    Titus 2:3-5

  10. Welcome Hettie, Lisa and Mrs.Klause!

    I am so glad you can all join me at my kitchen table! It's a blessing to have you here. Thank you all for your sweet, encouraging words. I'm looking forward to sharing a couple more projects with you this Friday!

    Have a wonderful day, everyone!

    God bless,


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