Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Spirit Lifters"

One of the blessings of a daily walk is that one almost always sees something beautiful to lift the spirits. I call these little glimpses of beauty “spirit-lifters”. The primroses in the photo are what was blooming in the wildflower garden last week. But on our daily walk this noon, I saw a couple of other lovely things. First, it was the brown-eyed susans that “just happened” to be blooming around a neighbor’s roadside pot of red geraniums. Another neighbor has planted blue morning glories to twine around a mailbox post. There are orange tiger lilies in clumps along our walking route, too. And last, but not least was a clump of daisies trailing gracefully down over the grassy bank of a little roadside stream.

God is so good! I love seeing these glimpses of the beauty He has created. What a wonderful reminder of His power and greatness and His attention to every detail. Without question, we can trust Him with the details of our lives!


  1. Daisies are my sister, Miriam's, favorite flower. I think that the photos you and your husband take of the flowers would make gorgeous postcards. Amen about trusting God with the details of our lives. He continues to show me that He cares about the little things. It never fails, when I feel overwhelmed with details, if I just stop and ask God for help - He brings everything to rememberance. It shows me to ask for wisdom in all that I do - big and small. Thank you for the reminder:). Have a great Friday!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by again. I'm glad you enjoyed the photo and the little thought! My hubby is the one who takes the great photos... I am just learning. Prior to the ones I posted (of crafts) today, I had only ever taken one photo on our digital camera before!

    Thanks for posting that Cajun chicken recipe... I have copied it off and will look forward to making it soon.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful time with your family!

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I close my eyes sometimes and try to picture all that surrounds you in this wonderful place you live!
    Blessings, Patty

  4. Oh, it *is* beautiful, Patty! I just love living in the woods -- all of the greens are so cool and restful even on the hottest days. (But you live in a lovely area, as well.) If you ever get the chance to visit New England, you would be welcome to stay at "Mrs.T's B&B"!


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