Saturday, August 11, 2007

That fabulous dishcloth pattern

Several people have asked about a link for the dishcloth pattern. I did post it last week, but will share it again here for those who missed it:

Crocheted Dishcloth

This is such a great pattern and I want to thank Dannielle again for sharing it with the blogosphere. Everyone who sees these dishcloths seems to want the pattern.

It is so easy but produces such a gorgeous result. I will add that you may need to try different hook sizes to get the correct gauge. It took me 3 tries to produce a dishcloth from only 1 ball of yarn. I tried an H hook as the pattern specifies, but ran out of yarn. Then I went to a G hook and the same thing happened. An F size hook is perfect for me. But a friend of mine found she needed to use a G hook -- and obviously, H is what works for Dannielle. So keep that in mind. If -- as happened to me -- you run out of yarn before the dishcloth is finished, you can do as I did with the first two and make the edging in a solid color.

Have fun!


  1. Seems like a good project for vacation. I'm going to have to try one while I'm riding and relaxing!

  2. Oh how funny! I just found this same pattern this morning when I did a search! Thanks for the tips about the hook size. I am teaching myself to crochet and can use all the tips I can get! LOL! And though this seems like a simple one, it is very helpful to me! :)

  3. Hi ladies!

    Susan, hope you do get to try this project as you travel. It is very easy once you get the pattern going, and goes very fast.

    Paula, that is so funny that you found the pattern on your own by doing a search! Hope you do try this and that it works out well for you.

    God bless,


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