Friday, August 17, 2007

This week's crafting efforts

This week’s Sew Crafty Friday is very much a “work in progress” day. Very little actual work got done. I did complete one dishcloth in the Fiesta Ombre color. I’ve started another in shades of green.

I also completed a crocheted snowflake, (#7 out of 12 which I want to make) but won’t post a picture of that until I get them all done.

I got a good bit done on the last flour sack dishtowel, but still have the lettering and a few flowers to do. I had to buy a disappearing fabric marker to draw the markings with, as this particular transfer came out so light it is nearly impossible to see it. I’ve been just trying to guess at where they are, but I purchased the marker last night and things are coming along better now.

And I’m hoping to complete a set of 4 fabric coasters to give as a hostess gift on Sunday, along with a (completed) dishcloth. It was really neat -- I had cut out most of the squares for the coasters, but I really needed a yellow/gold print to go along with the other colors. I was in Walmart last night doing grocery shopping, but knew I could not take time to have fabric cut. So I decided that if I really needed this color, the Lord would have it in the remnant bin all ready for me. And you see what was in that bin waiting for me!

If any of you would like to check out others’ crafty projects, head on over to Waiting for Him, Shereen’s blog, and get involved in Sew Crafty Fridays.

Sure am hoping for a more productive week next week!


  1. I enjoy seeing what you're doing each week. I plan to join in when we get back from our vacation and get settled into our school again.

    Where do you get the towels to embroider on? I'd love to try it, but I have no clue where to find the towels!

    You're doing some really pretty, useful things - very inspiring! Thanks!

  2. TOO CUTE! I am really getting an itch to try embroidery. Any hints, tips, websites or books to check out?? I will be teaching myself.

  3. Hi Susan!

    Thanks for your sweet, encouraging words! I'm tickled you plan to join in Sew Crafty Fridays in a few weeks!

    As for the towels, I bought them at Walmart. They're not in the craft area, but are in with the other dishtowels. I think they come 5 in a package and are simply called
    Flour Sacks. They are really huge as is, though - in my opinion, much too large for dish towels. An embroidered design would be lost on them. So I cut them in half and then simply hem the cut sides to make 2 smaller towels from each one. They are still plenty larege enough for dish towels. So that's where I get them. I'm sure there are online sources, but these work fine and are quite inexpensive.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Paula!

    So nice to have you here at my kitchen table!

    I'm sure you would love embroidery once you try it. I taught myself years ago from just a primer of instructions in a magazine -- think it was Woman's Day. Then I honed my skills by working on kits, etc. I really hadn't embroidered for quite a few years -- was more into cross stitch -- but I picked it up again with these flour sack towels and have also done some pillowcases. I'm having fun!

    I recently happened upon a great embroidery website. They do have some how-tos, complete with pictures, that I'm sure you would find helpful. Here it is:

    Sublime Stitching

    Hope this is helpful for you!


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