Friday, August 24, 2007

This week's crafting efforts

Well, the crafting this week has been sporadic, but a few things have been accomplished.

First, another dishcloth, this one in shades of green. Not my top favorite, but it was fun to work on. I’ve barely started one more dishcloth; this one will be the “Daisy Ombre” color.

Next, a shot of the completed flour-sack dish towel, the last of that set. I’m glad to see the last of the colonial girls -- they are sort of cute, but the transfers didn’t work well and I was guessing a lot of the time. I’ve just started the “Fine Chinaware” set and think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And here are the completed coasters I showed you the fabric for last week. I’m very pleased with how they came out.

And here is the first completed apron pocket. It’s going into a retro-style apron*, and the main apron fabric is going to be the sunflower print shown in the swatch. I still need to embroider the second pocket before going on with the apron.

And that pretty much does it for this week’s crafting!

* By the way, if anyone is interested, the apron pattern (which is probably not still available at stores since I’ve had it awhile, but I’m sure could be found on line somewhere), is McCall’s Crafts 3068. It has lots of other neat stuff in addition to the apron. Pot holders, place mats, an adorable window topper -- and a tea towel! I spent a few minutes last night doing a search for just such a tea towel pattern -- not the flour sack type like I’ve been doing, but one made from 2 different fabrics with an appliqué or rickrack, etc. like you see in shops and country-type catalogs. I had completely forgotten that a pattern for such a tea towel was included in this one! So that is neat and will be a future project.


  1. Hi just me (messyjo) just wanted you to know that I moved my blog over here so now I don't have to keep switching from one blog to the other....also just needed a change, check me out....

    I'm not exactly sure how you get to it but my name is MessyJo maybe it will leave a link when I post this...
    Blessings, Joann

  2. I love everything you made, but the embroidery is the nicest! Great job!

  3. WHat WONDERFUL work! I would love to know where you got the pattern for the embroidery! I have been trying to find a weekday set to do. Also, is there a pattern for those coasters? And how do you make flour sack towels (or tea towels)? What is the fabric and where do you get it? Thanks for putting up with all these questions GREAT WORK!!!

  4. Hi Ladies,

    So nice to see you all here at my kitchen table! Thanks for your nice comments.

    Paula -- I got the day-of-the-week embroidery transfers in the craft department at Walmart. They are the "Aunt Martha's" brand and the one in the picture is the "Colonial Girls" set.

    The teapot motif on the embroidered apron pocket is one I found on line somewhere -- I think it was the "Ladies in Red" redwork site. But I think Aunt Martha makes a similar one.

    For flour sack towels, I buy them at Walmart in the dish towel aisle. I think they come in packs of five, but the towels as is are really way too big, so I cut them in half to make 2 towels out of each one, and just hem the cut edges. It works fine.

    For the other type of tea towels I mentioned,I'm not sure what fabric I'm going to use. I have a friend who works at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I'm going to ask her what she recommends.

    Yes, there is a pattern for the coasters and I will post it for you, hopefully this week. It's a wonderful way to use up scraps of fabric, and the pattern is very easy.

    Hope this answers most of your questions and is helpful to you!

    God bless,


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