Friday, October 05, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday for October 5

Barely any crafting has been done around here this week. A flu bug over the weekend left me exhausted and the week has been busy with other appointments and responsibilities. Here’s what little I managed to accomplish, and some UFOs.

On the plus side, I did manage to finish one dish towel (4 to go!) and a dishcloth -- the “Faded Denim” one I showed unfinished last week. Resting atop the dishcloth is a gift tag I made from a Gooseberry Patch book. You can't really see details, I know, but the tag is made to look like a dish towel.

In the next photo you see two UFOs. The fall fabric remnant will become 2 more hot pads like the one I showed last week. The other item is a fall placemat which I got on clearance at Kohl’s some years ago. It is folded to give you an idea of its intended purpose as a placemat purse.

I’ve also cut some more fabric squares for coasters, and have a white dishcloth about half crocheted. (We’re going on vacation soon and will be staying with family & friends. I want to bring some dish cloths and coasters along for hostess gifts.) I’ve also made decent progress on my cross-stitch “Country Baking” sampler and hope to have it to the point of being ready for back-stitching by the time we leave on our trip. I should be able to get lots of back-stitching done on the train.

That is about it for my crafting efforts this week. If you have managed to accomplish or even start any crafting, then head on over to Waiting for Him and share your projects. Shereen and others will be eager to see what you have to share. Happy Crafting!


  1. I am sorry that you had a rough week :O( I hope that you are up and running very soon!

    You really are going through the week towels very quickly!

    Look forward to seeing your projects, will you share the coasters etc once they are done? What a neat idea to give the hostess a gift! You are very thoughtful :o)


  2. I cannot believe that I never replied to this comment. How sad! Mona, if you ever happen to read this, I do apologize that it has taken me 8 years to reply.

    I did eventually share the coaster pattern, on both of my blogs. I hope this link works:Patchwork-look Coasters.


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