Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God's Path...

A couple of weeks ago I started working my way through a wonderful Bible study by Elizabeth George, Finding God's Path Through Your Trials. I had read through the book when I first obtained it, some months ago. But actually doing the study is so much better than simply reading the book.

As Christians, we know that trials are a fact of life. We all have them, and we all have a variety of them. God's Word says that we will have trials in this life. But the Bible also tells us that we can count these trials as joy! I encourage you to get this book and do the study. It has been a huge blessing to me already, and I'm only about halfway through it.

God has been impressing on me that I should share some of the things He is teaching me, with others. One thing that I've done, as part of the study, is write out some prayers to God concerning His purpose for trials and His presence with me in them. I thought I would begin today by sharing one of the prayers of my heart.

"Dear Heavenly Father,

"I am so thankful for Your lovingkindness, mercy, and grace. I am thankful for Your sovereignty, for Your omniscience and omnipotence. I thank and praise You that You have a good plan for my life and that You will work all things together for good. Help me, Lord, to accept my trials as part of Your good plan, and to be joyful even when life is not joyful, for Your sake. Help me grow to the point of utmost usefulness to You and others. Thank You, Lord, for the good work You have begun in my life and the work You continue to do... even through trials. I love You, Lord.

"In Jesus' Name, Amen."

My prayer today is that God might use this simple prayer of my heart to encourage someone else. Lord willing, I'll post something small and simple every day that I am learning through this study.


  1. Thank you, Mrs.T

  2. You are welcome, Nancy. I hope this was a blessing to you.


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