Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still on God's Path...

Here is another prayer I wrote as I've been studying Finding God's Path Through Your Trials, by Elizabeth George. I wrote this prayer in light of things I learned through the study of chapter 5, titled "Looking for Blessings".


"I praise You that You have a purpose in my trials -- such a good purpose that I can count the trials as joy. Lord, it is hard. I want to take shortcuts through the trials or avoid the hardest parts of them, but I know that then Your good purposes will not be fully accomplished.

"So I pray, Lord, that You will help me to develop greater staying power so that I may have the blessing of knowing that You are with me in every trial and that You will strengthen me for every aspect of each one. I praise You that You will bring me through my trials a stronger, more stable believer if only I will trust You through them. Please help me not to give up, but to fully rely on You through each trial and to trust You and You alone for the outcome.

"I love You, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

I have no idea where this finds my readers today. I do know that the Bible tells us we will go through a variety of trials and testings in this life, and that God has a good purpose in them -- such a good purpose that we can count our trials as joy even when they don't look or feel joyful. And so I imagine that someone reading this today may be facing a trial or a testing. I hope that this simple prayer may encourage someone else as it has me.


  1. Mrs.T. Where this finds me, today, is very much in need of the same blessing you asked for in your prayer. I pray it with you. thank you for sharing your faith.

  2. Hello from another New Englander whose birthday is also in Jan! I just found your blog through Nancy. I enjoyed your posts, your crafts, your menu planning, etc. I am just beginning Elizabeth George's book on "Walking in God's Promises" (about Sarah). It's my first time reading one of her books. It was interesting to see you are reading one too. Thanks for sharing your prayers and thoughts.

  3. Ladies, thank you so much for stopping by my kitchen table. I'm glad these simple thoughts were an encouragement to you.

    j-me, I have done the Bible study you mentioned on the life of Sarah. It is excellent. In my humble opinion, Elizabeth George's books are life-changing. I haven't done one of her studies yet that I wouldn't highly recommend.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    God bless,


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