Thursday, April 01, 2010

A bit of Easter decorating

Here is just a little bit (because that's all I've done) of Easter decorating.
This is my ribbon board in the front hallway, all dressed up for Easter.

I do have a few special vintage Easter cards and some very old ones with spring themes like crocuses.

I didn't change my hutch a lot for Easter, but did add a few things -- again, because I don't have a lot of Easter items. On the tip-top shelf, you'll see most of an egg-shaped Easter candle I acquired at a yard sale.

On the next shelf down, an antique papier-mache egg.

The middle shelf has my maple sugaring display, but I couldn't resist adding an egg-shaped soap in an old-looking votive holder. I have a spool inside the candle holder to prop the soap up.

On the bottom shelf, another papier-mache egg, plus my Royal Doulton Bunnykins mug and bowl from childhood.

A closer look at the bottom shelf:


  1. Have a blessed Easter Mrs T!!

  2. You too, Arlene! I'm just six years late replying to this comment!


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