Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some recent simple craft projects

Here are a few simple crafts I have made of late.

For a birthday gift for an aunt, I wanted to make a flour sack towel with a bluebird design. Some time ago I came across these pretty vintage bluebird patterns here. My mother, who passed away in January, loved bluebirds, and for my aunt (her sister) I thought a bluebird dish towel would be a nice reminder.

I also made a crocheted potholder -- another of those scalloped ones that are so much fun to make. Here's the link if you missed it when I posted about these before: crocheted pot holder.

And here's another simple project I've been wanting to try -- a crocheted seed stitch dishcloth. This was quick and easy. I really, really liked this pattern. You can find it here. The pattern didn't call for an edging, but I decided to add one by simply single crocheting around all four edges.

This pic shows the dishcloth with the dishtowel. Nice idea for a gift.

Lastly, I made some super simple table toppers just by narrow-hemming some pieces of fabric. I bought these fabrics on clearance probably 5 years ago or so with the idea of making tote bags. I came upon them while sorting through my fabric stash and decided they would make nice table toppers. I use these on my dining table along with place mats.

Here is the one currently in use.
You can see the dark green placemats in place too. They are not the best green for this, but they go with this table topper better than anything else I have. Sometimes I arrange these table toppers diagonally.
And a close-up of the pretty fabric.

And here is the other one, probably more for summer than spring. This shows it partially folded, as I had already put it in the linen closet when I thought of taking a picture.

Here's a close-up of this fabric as well. It will go nicely in my dining room with its green walls and strawberry theme. I love the background of this print.

So there is my simple recent crafting. What have you done for craft projects lately? Feel free to share a link in the comments!


  1. Nice projects!! Love the bluebird dish towel...your Aunt will too for sure!


  2. Thanks, Susie! The bluebird towel is my favorite, too. Now I want to make the whole set!

    Thanks for visiting!

    God bless,

  3. Love those table runners. What a good idea and you can find fabric for all the holidays!


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