Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Early spring decorating

Here is a look at some of my early spring decorating. I say "early spring", because, no matter what the calendar says, it is not spring up here and won't be for some time yet. Not the kind of spring with daffodils, crocuses, pussy willows, baby bunnies and chicks... none of that. It's still too cold and snowy. The past week or so has been sunny and quite warm, and much of the snow has melted, but still, I'm not in the mood for traditional spring decorating. So I do early spring decorating, focusing on green for St. Patrick's Day and also on the maple sugaring season which is in full swing right now.

Right inside my front door is my ribbon board, decorated right now for St. Patrick's Day.

Here is a closer look at this Irish-themed tag, made for me last year by a good friend.

My kitchen island features a maple syrup tin, a maple cookbook and a maple themed syrup pitcher.

Here is a maple sugaring-themed shelf on my hutch.

In the center are some photographs from sugaring days gone by, arranged to look like a page from an old scrapbook. In front of that are two old maple syrup labels from the days when both my grandfather and my husband's grandfather produced maple syrup for sale. There is also an old sap spile, or spout, from those days. There are also two great sugaring pictures -- one vintage, one new -- which I've put on the same old-looking paper as the photos. On the left is another maple syrup tin, and in the little cake dome on the right is a syrup tin in the shape of a cabin, along with a wooden tree.

This shows the entire hutch decorated for early spring.

Green and white on the bottom shelf, some colorful items on the top shelf, and two teapots for one in spring colors on the very top.

And I just had to show a closer look at that sweet cake dome with the maple cabin inside.

One of my favorite decorating finds ever!


  1. Love your St Paddys Day decor Mrs T!! I do genealogy and found out that I have a good bit of Irish blood! My family came to America from Northern Ireland and my great great great grandfather was born on the ship coming to the USA. I really enjoy my research but I have to do it around all my other interests! We are enjoying some warm weather here in North Alabama. It sure is nice, wish I could send you some of it!

  2. Mmmmmm... maple syrup... I'm so hungry today I could eat just about anything, but let me turture myself a little bit... golden brown french toast with butter melting over the top and then a thin layer of fresh real maple syrup. Sounds good huh? Oops, guess I won't be any help to you with your "back on track challenge"... sorry.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Mrs. T

    Mrs. D

  3. Welcome, ladies! For whatever reason, Blogger has not been letting me comment on my own blog (until now) -- that is, the page wouldn't load for me. But now, hopefully, I can greet you both.

    Arlene, how fascinating about your great-grandfather being born on shipboard. My roots that I can trace (on my mother's side) go directly back to Scotland. But we think my dad has Irish roots. Sadly, he knows very little about his family background so we will probably never know. Yes, I would like some of your North Alabama weather! But I really can't complain. It has been sunny and around 50ยบ up here. Not bad at all for March, but we could still get more snow.

    Mrs.D --- oh, because of having your teeth out, you can't eat? Can you have liquids? I recommend you go to the nearest source for Green Mountain Coffee and get yourself a cup of the French Toast flavor. With cream. That may get you through!

    Thanks for stopping by, both of you!

    God bless,


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