Monday, March 15, 2010

Back-on-track challenge update

Here's another weekly update as to how things are going with my back-on-track challenge. Again, here are the areas I'm trying to get back on track with:

* health and energy -- specifically eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep

This week I did great with walking -- 5 days out of 7 -- and also with my exercise routine; 5 days out of 5. I did pretty well with eating healthy through the week, but not not the weekend as I was doing too much baking. I got plenty of sleep. I did drink much more water (and green tea) this week, but need to keep working on that. It's getting easier as the weather gets warmer.

* spiritual life -- especially Scripture memory and meditating on Scripture

Although I had a regular time of Bible reading and prayer each day, I didn't do any memory work.

* homemaking -- getting back into my FlyLady routines with an eye to decluttering the entire house in 2010; spending less money

Again this week I felt as if I maintained the house pretty well,in spite of tons of sand and gravel getting tracked in each day. I did do some decluttering -- threw away some old things and put a couple of items in my bag to take to the thrift store. Decluttered a kitchen cabinet and threw out quite a few old mixes, legumes, etc.

* ministry -- taking time to connect with people on a regular basis; using my God-given talents and gifts for His glory

I wrote some long overdue notes to friends again this week. Also spent lots of time on my Sunday School lessons for this week and next. Spent some time on the kids' summer devotional book.

* creativity -- trying to do something creative, no matter how small, every day

Posted on my blog a bit. I also did some work on embroidery and crocheting projects and worked on a sewing project. Finished up a gigantic UFO scrap afghan and another UFO, a crocheted scrubbing cloth.

So that's how this week has gone for the back-on-track challenge! All in all, it felt like a relatively on-track week, but as always, there's plenty of room for improvement.


  1. Sounds as if you have been right on top of things this week Mrs T. I have been de cluttering as well. I also attended a coupon class with my darling daughter and I am hoping to put some of that info to work to improve my stewardship. Daffodils are blooming happy to see them and know that spring is on its way.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Arlene! It is always good to see you here at my kitchen table. Aren't you blessed to have daffodils blooming already!

    I saw an article in our daily paper about a couple who do what's called extreme couponing. They offer free classes too... I used to be much more into couponing years ago, but never saved that much money at it. I've thought that attending a class might be helpful. Hope it works out well for you!

  3. I have a hard time finding coupons for the items I buy. I don't usually purchase prepackaged or name brand. I most often shop the "perimeter" of the store, unless I need some baking supplies. It is hard to find coupons for what I buy and refuse to buy things because I have a coupon. Sometimes when I get a coupon for something I usually buy it has expired already... well, I might benefit from a class too. There are lots of web pages for coupons right now.

    Your back on track seems to be going quite well.

    The daffys will be blooming soon at this rate!!! 60 degrees here today!

    Hope you have had a chance to enjoy it.

    Mrs. D


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