Friday, March 12, 2010

When life gives you scraps... make an afghan

Yes, I know that is usually said about quilts. But I think it applies to scrap yarn as well as fabric!

I finally finished this afghan, a UFO of many years' standing. I was so tired of the pattern and just wanted to be done with it. Plus, I have other projects I want to use my scrap yarn on now. This afghan was to be made in 2 pieces and then these were to be joined together and an edging added. I finished one piece some time ago and had optimistically started crocheting the second.

I finally decided that the only way I was ever going to finish this was to join the pieces together just as they were and to add the edging.

The problem was that I had never compared the finished first section to the second piece. And the second (much narrower, because it wasn't finished) piece turned out to be much longer than the first. What to do now? Obviously I couldn't cut it off. What I ended up doing was finishing around this "extension" with the same edging and then folding it back to create a pocket.

I think it might make a handy place to stash a small needlework project, a packet of tissues, whatever.

One UFO off my list... many more to go.


  1. My friend Denita uses scrap yarn that people give her to make afghans... each one different. She puts a pouch on the end of hers to tuck your feet into on a cold night. I had often admired her many afghans and finally she made one for us. It has ended up being one of our favorites. Mr. D likes tucking his feet in while he's waiting for supper and watching the news. We have cold floors in the camper... not as bad as they used to be, but still you don't want to run around barefooted.

    Looks like a nice cozy afghan you made and very colorful. I enjoy all kinds of colors like that. Good use of scraps of yarn too. What other projects are you using scraps of yarn on??

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. D

  2. I know you are glad to have your afghan finished. I really like the colors and it will certainly keep you warm. I use an afghan all year long.

  3. Ladies,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. My internet has been very sporadic lately and I have not been able to leave a comment in reply. Very frustrating indeed!

    Yes, I like all kinds of colors together too. The other projects I want to work on are two other afghans which use scraps; one is a sort of granny square variation (think the motifs are hexagonal, maybe - haven't looked at the pattern in awhile) and the other is a vintage vertical stripe afghan which is super easy. With this other one (the one pictured here), the pattern was so complicated I had to keep writing down the number of the row I was on. I only picked it up now and then and so had to get into the pattern all over again every time. And my time is limited, so...

    Mrs. D, that is interesting about your afghan with a pouch for feet. I would never have thought of that!

    Have a great day, Marie and Mrs. D. and stop in again anytime.

    God bless,


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