Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fiesta Sweet Potato Soup

(Photo from Taste of Home)

I received a free advance copy of the December/January Country Woman magazine because they published my recipe for hot chocolate mix.  I took the issue along on our trip as a special treat to read on the plane.  A recipe that caught my eye was for Fiesta Sweet Potato Soup

I tried the recipe earlier this week and it is very delicious indeed.  I could only find 12-ounce packages of the chicken sausage (I used the garlic herb flavor of the Al Fresco brand) so I used only 3 of the sausages, reasoning that this would be the 9 ounces called for in the recipe.  This soup is a little bit spicy, but I have a cold right now and so that appeals to me.  I would definitely make this soup again.  Hope your family enjoys the recipe if you try it!


  1. How neat that you are famous!!!:)Maybe we will try this recipe too.I should never read your blog when I am hungry.:)

  2. Hi Nikki!

    Yes, I have had a number of recipes published in magazines or books. What's really neat is that I often get a free magazine or book out of it! And it's fun when people I haven't been in touch with for awhile come across my recipe and are surprised that someone they know is "published". It's lots of fun. You should try submitting some recipes sometime!


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