Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday Chicken Supper ~ a wonderful slow cooker meal!

(Photo by Taste of Home)
While out in Nevada, I helped my daughter a lot in the kitchen.  We tried this recipe Sunday Chicken Supper, from one of her Quick Cooking cookbooks, when we were getting together with another family.  We actually borrowed a second slow cooker so we could make a double recipe.

It was absolutely delicious.  We used white sweet potatoes (which I had never heard of or tried before)  rather than regular potatoes, and we used some boneless chicken breasts and thighs rather than the cut-up fryer.  Both families really enjoyed this flavorful but simple dish and it was wonderful to come in from our afternoon activities to a supper that was all ready and waiting for us.

I made this recipe again at home this past Sunday,  and Mr. T and I enjoyed it just as much here as we did in Nevada.  I used russet potatoes this time,  and used some bone-in chicken thighs and some chicken tenders.  I also used frozen pearl onions rather than the chopped onion, and frozen green beans rather than the fresh ones.  It seems to be a very adaptable recipe, which I really appreciate.  I think it would also be good with chunks of winter squash instead of carrots.

I thought I would share so others can try this yummy recipe!


  1. That meal sounds so delicious.:)I hope I remember to try it sometime.I love it when I can use my crock pot.

  2. Me too. The person who invented the slow cooker deserves some sort of medal. One thing I would recommend with this meal (and many other slow cooker meals other than soup) is using the plastic slow cooker liners. They make the cleanup so easy.

    Hope your family enjoys this recipe if you try it!


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