Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun treats from a favorite country shop!

On our recent trip out West, my daughter and I visited one of our favorite shops, The Two Olde Crows.
(Photo by The Two Olde Crows)

During the time Mr. T and I were in Elko, this shop was holding its annual Christmas Gathering.  Joanna and I made time to go visit, sip hot cider, sample Christmas goodies, and do a bit of shopping.  I wish I had brought along my camera so I could get a photo of the way the front of the shop was decorated for Christmas, with white lights, berry garlands, and so on.  But I forgot to bring my camera to the shop!  So this photo of Christmas items, from their website, will have to do.
(Photo by The Two Olde Crows)

Before leaving for our visit to Nevada, I had crafted an item as a favor for a friend.  She had insisted upon giving me a monetary gift, so I brought it along for shopping on our trip.  Here's what I bought:

A harvest themed dishtowel:

A closer look at the design:

And a second dishtowel with a Christmas theme.

What a fun way to remember our visit!


  1. What a cute store!! And dish towels are one of my favorite things to give and to receive!!

  2. Mine too, Arlene! In fact, I'm hoping to maybe try making some Christmas dishtowels similar to this one. That's the problem with visiting shops like this one; I always get too many new ideas!

  3. What a fun store.I love dish towels too.

  4. Hi Nikki,

    It surely is a fun store. I love visiting places like this to get ideas. I also love making dishtowels for gifts. Would love to make some day-of-the-week ones for myself, but if I do that I will have to throw away some old ones to make room in my dishtowel drawer!


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