Thursday, May 15, 2014

A few pictures from vacation

Taken at Nevada Northern Railway in Ely
I have a sad story to tell regarding our vacation pictures ... basically, we took only a few.  We brought our camera, of course, but were so busy at first that we left the picture-taking up to our daughter and son-in-law.  During our time there, we all took a road trip to Great Basin National Park and the Ely, Nevada area, and of course we made sure to bring along the camera. 

We started our trek with lunch at the home of some ranching friends.  After leaving their place, we traveled through ranch country on dirt roads for some time.  I snapped a few random pictures out the car window to just get a general flavor of the scenery.

Springtime in Nevada's ranch  country

Big Sky country for sure
Just a random ranching scene
The next day, as we visited the National Park, toured Lehman Caves, and drove up Mt. Wheeler,  I made a startling discovery.  There was no memory card in the camera!   All we  had was the internal memory in the camera, which would allow us perhaps 20 pictures.  At this point I was seriously regretting those random photos taken out the car window.  They were nothing special, and I had wasted memory in taking them.

That night our thoughtful son-in-law went to Family Dollar (the best local possibility) and purchased a memory card for us as a surprise.  However, though all of us tried that night and the next morning, we could not format the card so that our camera would accept it. 

The next morning, my daughter and I and the baby walked around Ely looking at the murals while the other kids and the guys dug for garnets.  Joanna was able to change the picture resolution in the camera to double the amount of memory available.  That helped enough so that we could get photos of some of the murals (a later post) and a few on the steam train we rode later that day.
The conductor and our family

Just a random scene along the way; the train ride was about 90 minutes long and went through copper mining country.

Approaching one of two tunnels along the route

This is the coaling tower for the railway.  Do you see the resident owl?  There were two baby owls in there as well!
We do, of course, have all of the photos taken by our daughter and her hubby, but have yet to get those onto the computer.  So for now, these (and the murals which I will share another time) will have to do for vacation pictures.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful country Mrs T...sorry for your camera woes. Technology can sometimes be a pain. Looking forward to seeing the murals you described.

  2. Glad you were able to get some nice picture anyway. The owl living in the coal tower is quite interesting. I love the scenery. Reminds me lots of Colorado... from the other side of the mountains. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello mrs. T it's been a long time since I've visited your blog but find it as wonderful as always loved the pictures of your trip. Blessings joann

  4. Hi ladies!

    I came to respond to JoAnn's recent comment, only to find I had not replied to any of you. Sorry about that. Life has been just a wee bit busy since our return from vacation.

    Arlene -- It is indeed beautiful country. We enjoy our visits out west so much, and our kids always want to show us some new places when we visit. And yes, technology is great when it works!

    Mrs. Doug -- Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Maybe some day I will get up my nerve to plug in the jump drive with the remaining pics on it. I'm very leery of possibly crashing the computer. Yes, wasn't that owl amazing? It was huge. I couldn't believe my eyes when we went by it on the train. Mr. T went back later (walked over) and got the picture I shared.

    JoAnn -- So nice to see you here again! It has been a long time! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Please come back and visit anytime ... check the archives for posts you may have missed!


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