Monday, April 20, 2015

An early spring getaway, part 1

Essentials of the overnight getaway...
 Mr. T and I find ourselves working at perfecting the art of the overnight getaway.  Although we love to travel, life is so busy right now that we can really only get away for overnight.  So every now and then we make plans to do just that. 

I'll just share a few photos and captions.
We had lunch here ... best burgers we ever tasted!

Guess where this is?

Rainy view from our hotel room on Friday night

Boats in the harbor

This mysterious-looking castle is privately owned
Great reminder as we drove away from a park
Philly cheesesteak sandwich with hand-cut fries
An amazing grilled tuna sandwich; hand-cut fries
Pretty plates (Johnson Brothers) found at a thrift store
And there is just a little bit of our getaway.  Perhaps I can share a few more photos in the next few days.  I will try, anyway.

Do you enjoy brief getaways like this?  What are some favorite destinations?


  1. Short trips are often the best...time to savor but home to your own bed after a day away. I love those dishes!!

  2. Aren't they pretty? There were only the two, and one of them was badly chipped on the back. But they are so pretty. I had never seen that pattern before.

  3. Well I have really enjoyed your trip, especially since you were in my corner or not far! I asked John where the Big Indian on US 1 was and he said "Freeport." But WHERE? I still don't know because I seem to have missed him all these years. In Brunswick, I usually eat at The Great Impasata, but the Brunswick Diner looks more like an eatery that John would enjoy.

  4. Good afternoon, Vee!

    You will have to keep an eye out for the Indian next time you are headed for Brunswick. He'll be on your right and is not too difficult to miss!

    I've wanted to check out the Brunswick Diner for years. Can't even remember where I first heard about it -- maybe from one of Jane & Michael Stern's books, or maybe from Karyl Bannister's Cook & Tell. Regardless, I have always hoped to visit it someday. We got to Freeport in time for lunch this time, so just proceeded on up to Brunswick. And oh my, is the food ever amazing. Hope you and John try it soon.

    The Freeport Cafe (also on Route 1), near the Best Western, is also a great place to eat. Many, many locals apparently think so too. Most of the food there seems to be homemade as well, so if you've never stopped there, do!


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