Monday, April 27, 2015

Looking more likely all the time!

Spring, that is!

We still don't have any green grass or flowers here at our home, but that isn't surprising.  We are in a very shady location and are just fortunate and thankful that our snow is gone!

These pictures were quickly snapped by me today at my dad's.  He has daffodils in a very sheltered area and they are blooming beautifully.
There are a few of the flowers with the yellow petals and frilly orange cup.

Daffodils bloom so nicely (and so early!) in this sheltered spot next to the chimney.
And then he also has some daffodils blooming in a field below his house.  Long ago, a pot of florist daffodils was tossed "over the bank" by my mother.  In later years, the daffodils came up and bloomed. 

They have spread over time and still bloom profusely in this inhospitable spot.  A good object lesson for blooming where God plants us...

Hope you have enjoyed this small glimpse of Spring's possible arrival!

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